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 I ordered this shirt in Needless to say, it was a very different color from the swatch I had received. It is certainly not light blue.
It is a sturdy fabric without being too stiff. Classic oxford indeed.A question to everyone: Any suggestions about light blue and white fabrics? I want to avoid the sheen and see through of some poplins but not move to a visible patterned texture (although, twill might be an option).
Video of Michael Alden's Polo Coat:   Some vintage stuff:        
I am thinking of ordering one of these:,en,pd.html?start=9&cgid=Jackets   (while sizes are available!)   I am 1,80m, about 70kg, chest 38 in. and cannot decide whether I will buy a size 46 or 48. Is the fit of the jacket really skinny?  
deadly7, please post pics when you receive the ties. I'm interested in the exact same fabrics.
This "denim under pinstripe" look manages to beat the "tie with a denim jacket" look.   [[SPOILER]]
These are really great but not the kind of fit I am searching for right now. Too skinny tight. Will definitely check them if I get my hands on them.
Only want some basics for this fall: a (light) grey v-neck sweater and a light blue shirt.   Any thoughts for the fit of Johnstons of Elgin sweaters?
Many good independent coffee houses in London. I recommend Kaffeine or Tapped & Packed, both near Oxford Street, or Notes Music & Coffee. Also , Fortnum & Mason at Piccadilly.   Not much to add about sartorial shops, although there are many department stores with menswear brands. Unless someone is looking for a particular brand, I would advice to stay away from Harrods during sale periods. It's a complete chaos.
I bought a pair of Levi's 505s 1967 fit, back in 2009. It has no label that indicates it as part of the Vintage Clothing line, but they are also Made in Turkey and have the XX logo in the back label. Levi's Europe probably has a factory in Turkey for all the european market, especially the vintage stuff. Wear them well, NOBD.
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