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CitiShoes was the source for both my No. 8 Tankers and No. 8 Indys.Voltaire is wonderful to work with.quick tip - the shoe trees they include are better suited to shoes rather than boots imo, so I ended up swapping them with pairs I had in shoes already.
no CitiShoes when they are open in the morning and ask for Voltaire.he is an absolute gentleman and always provides excellent service.they have #8 boots with the specs you wanted, hopefully they still have your size. find!i am undecided as to whether i prefer the rounded-ness of the moc toe stitching on the barrie vs. the more squared off stitching on trubalance though
does anyone have any examples of a shell cordovan indy boot being produced on the barrie last?I ordered a pair that was advertised as Barrie Last from Alden SF but once I received them it was obvious that they were Trubalance.I Had my suspicions as they felt larger than a comparable barrie boot and the toe shape was off as well.Confirmed because they had the trubalance heel pad.Alden SF agreed and I returned them. Now on Alden SF's website they have corrected it to show...
Got my Brown Shell Cordovan Townley's today. Unfortunately too cloudy to take proper pics. They are awesome.
I am assuming they are the leftovers from this - ? Are these the MdO High Grade line that everyone on here loves or is this the cheaper regular line? Please let me know - thanks!
I agree wholeheartedly with Bakes11771 on this one...
they are these - wonder how high the bidding will go? isnt the seller a memeber of SF?
any chance of haggling on price? i believe they were either $349 or $399 from AE as Seconds... Please let me know, thanks!
if you call what I am discussing a "ball busting", then you are being quite sensitive and dramatic about it.also, your behavior is quite sad, especially the random "stfu & listen", i'll get right on that, tough guy.(PS - ifs the "Gent" in your username, short for gentleman?)
the way that the nails are driven with the head flush into the rubber really makes me doubt that they will ever be hit with a glancing blow (especially arising from some sort of heel strike that would create an equivalent force), so I think that your concern is quite unfounded.the layer of rubber in the heels of the shoes is quite stout, i've not seen any widening of the nail holes when the nails were removed that would indicate that they nails are moving around like that,...
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