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Jack is right, Red Fleece isn't a kids line. The style and fit are youthful with the same quality as regular BB. I actually prefer the Red Fleece Chinos and Polos for the fit.      
Size 38 dual vent peak lapel sport coat
In the field, do i pick up? Diffusion?
  Dude, buy it all except the brookease. NWT Staples at that price will be gold. even if you sold BIN at $75 on eBay you'd kill it.
I usually leave Brookeease but otherwise if they're not orphans that's a solid price. I'd be interested in doubling your money fast on some 44R Fitz...
This is a super coat...
Foam was good. GF veto'd them because she thought the were ugly
Nice look Dig! Not crazy about the wash on those jeans but the fit is great and the shirt is cool
Thanks for the history lesson. Found a pair yesterday, perhaps the pair you put back, but didn't recognize the brand.
New Posts  All Forums: