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If it were it'd be the battle of the wallets!
It's so beautiful
Boglioli tag?
Love these, deer skin wasn't it?   Hello everyone, My name is Michael, I am 25 and I wear tassel loafers... let the group healing begin
  Haven't found any Attolini tag, I have two other LBCS by Attolini and this has a different silhouette.
Let me know if you list that coat on eBay!! I want it   Also a heads up. If anyone wants a Luciano Barbera by Attolini in Cashmere there's a fair BIN on the bay. I'd buy it but the arms are too short and it's working button holes (approx 52-54EU)
Nothing major these last few weeks but I did score these vintage R&L RayBans
        Thanks to everyone who volunteered! That's a great turn out in a few minutes, gotta love the forum. If you'd kindly PM me your email address I'll send over a copy today for a look over. Thanks guys!
It's sexy whatever it is
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