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This is a super coat...
Foam was good. GF veto'd them because she thought the were ugly
Nice look Dig! Not crazy about the wash on those jeans but the fit is great and the shirt is cool
Thanks for the history lesson. Found a pair yesterday, perhaps the pair you put back, but didn't recognize the brand.
Well not really a brag but since I'll never be able to afford my Skyfall Barbour jacket I thought this would do for now being as it was $1.49 day...   [[SPOILER]]
They had a few of the W... I used to watch that as a kid so I was stunned to see a Tallgese laying around! Zechs Marquise was a BA
Ran into Nataku today...
For the uninitiated, If I'm low on space is there a good way to elevate the TT and keep it above the receiver while reducing heat buildup?
I have made WikiMedia (very) slightly more funded. $15 at Goodwill on sweaters = $15 to WikiMedia
If you're a fan of Gin I really like it. It's one of my favorites for sure.
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