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        Thanks to everyone who volunteered! That's a great turn out in a few minutes, gotta love the forum. If you'd kindly PM me your email address I'll send over a copy today for a look over. Thanks guys!
It's sexy whatever it is
I desperately need that... my writing style is nearly nonexistent but I can at least form ideas that others can improve on
      Mine was actually more expensive than the amazon listed however it was a fun project for me and the GF. I'd say mine clocked in at about $120. It's very sturdy because I used 1/2 pipe however if I went back and did it again I'd use maybe 3/4 or 1" for next time.   The design works well for us, the casters make it super easy to move and the lower part acts as a shelf. Definitely recommend it as a fun project and useful tool for serious sellers.
So I made a makeshift rolling rack to help with my steaming and organizing. Here she is, just a few pipes from Ace Hardware, boards and stain from Home Depot and some metal casters makes a movable eBay machine! That's a thrifters champaign bucket holding my ties
Very interesting, in the last couple months I've thrifted that same suit twice in like new condition. One gray and one blue with the Vitale Barberis Canonico in the Madison fit, same size...
Bump. Any ideas?
Why do I get this advice so often    And while we're on the "to thine own self be true" topic, here's what I got. Not a forum favorite, here or at WUS, but I've loved the design for quite some time. For some reason I seem to feel like it's reminiscent of Genta designs on a much tighter budget.... [[SPOILER]]
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