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I can check but I'm thinking it wasn't
Awesome Haul. I found this EXACT coat mint condition last week too...
Just pulled the trigger on a new (to me) watch... I guess it was from the estate of an older watch enthusiast. Not WUS approved but I've wanted one for quite a while.   Stitch will know what it is.
All, I purchased the RGM Equation of Time model 22 in February of this year with 1 year warranty and we just never clicked. It's a beautiful watch, the movement winds smooth as butter but when it's not love it's not love. So I am releasing ti back into the wild. Pics are on my dainty 6.5" wrist. I've worn it probably 3 or 4 times, otherwise it's sat in the box. Comes with Box, Warranty card and the original leather travel sleeve. Here's a good review of the...
As I have proven time and again I am clueless when it comes to SW&D so this is no trolling but I thought I'd seen this label posted before. Looks selvedge and mint. Did I do good?
Quick shout out to amadar for giving me a very fair price on an astounding Zegna Su Misura piece. I now have a Navy-ish blazer that fits like a glove, a very sight alteration in the arms and I will be in eahven. If you find any more of Mr. Green's Su Misura pieces you have a buyer in me!   Fit pics to come once it's steamed.
That's gonna be a mighty hard flip...I'm in the camp that jeans with #menswear on top is a good look. Carry on.
Nope I got the jacket, pinstripe grey double breasted awesomeness. Found it at a Value Village if that helps. Alongside a few Canali suits so keep your eyes open!
if anyone in MN finds a reverse orphan pair of Kiton pinstripe pants please PM me I want to reunite this suit!!
  Thanks, the tie is actually a BB makers silk. Just their basic style which I prefer the width on.   Thanks for the critique on the shirt. I need to up my shirt options significantly for sure. Would a solid blue have been better in this case?
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