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Thanks for the history lesson. Found a pair yesterday, perhaps the pair you put back, but didn't recognize the brand.
Well not really a brag but since I'll never be able to afford my Skyfall Barbour jacket I thought this would do for now being as it was $1.49 day...   [[SPOILER]]
They had a few of the W... I used to watch that as a kid so I was stunned to see a Tallgese laying around! Zechs Marquise was a BA
Ran into Nataku today...
For the uninitiated, If I'm low on space is there a good way to elevate the TT and keep it above the receiver while reducing heat buildup?
I have made WikiMedia (very) slightly more funded. $15 at Goodwill on sweaters = $15 to WikiMedia
If you're a fan of Gin I really like it. It's one of my favorites for sure.
Luca Rubinacci is usually considered fashionable, albeit dandified. If you're not familiar with him go take a look.
SWIMS has some new slip on loafers that would be good in summer showers, although they're bright.
A NATO band is inherently utilitarian with the new colored ones being ultra casual. It will not be "classy" but that doesn't mean not to do it. I keep my SMP on a NATO all summer because it gets knocked around swimming, camping, fishing etc.   If you want classy buy a leather band. If you want practical for a summer casual watch get a NATO.  
New Posts  All Forums: