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Hey all, just a brag. Scored another LBSC with thrift funds, NWT. Any thoughts on who is the maker on this one, Caraceni? http://www.styleforum.net/t/24109/hof-labels-heels-and-nail-patterns-secrets-to-id-the-maker  
Nothing too brag worthy these last few weeks except the Drakes I found the other day and the Mainetti hanger I found the day after posting about how I want more. and this PRL tie that I thought was cool. I've been passing on loads of ties that were old/unwearable patterns.
I'm 25 and rock the hell out of some strands!
    So I'm really interested in upgrading my closet hangers, I've been piecing together any wide Saks/Neimans/Nordstrom/ Tom James hangers I can find at thirfts but wanted a more uniform look. I have found a few of the plastic Samuelsohn hangers with the flocked bars and really love them. I did a little digging and it seems like you can buy unbranded versions here although you have to buy a box of 30 for $200 as the lowest amount.   Has anyone ever done that?...
This is drool worthy
Sh*t is getting real pricey up in here But when life hands you cherries you pop it! Another classic basic in pristine shape checked off the list
In, I feel like this might be easier than expected.
If you're grabbing them to proxy here they will move, if you are trying on eBay or something similar then they wont.
Cross Post from the Thrift Thread   [[SPOILER]]
Im liking these thrift fits, I guess it mean's I've finally found enough stuff to start putting outfits together! [[SPOILER]]
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