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Quoted for pure awesomeness.     Finally a noob gets it right
Just one decent find today. In time for fall, N/AUnicorns [[SPOILER]]
might need to pick your brain Eazye
Big shout out to everyone in this thread and a part of this community. The amount of advice I've gotten on my upcoming NYC trip has been staggering. Such a great group who is always willing to help. Carry on.
Yes, if it's real. The mother and child is the right logo style.
NY Gents, I'll be in the city first weekend in Sept. Anyone want to help a thrifting brother and his gal out with a spot or two via PM?
The suits were Canali and the jacket was Burberry... IIRC
Yea it's on par with Canali or mainline Zegna in terms of quality but not much for flippability. If it's recent stuff it should do well for trades around here (I like it anyway)     +1, the sartoriale line really is superb stuff
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