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Andro that sucks. Thanks for the info tho, blocked him
Who doesn't need a semi-tasteful pimp suit?
Anyone want for proxy? One very slight run that can (almost) be seen in the third pic.      
Next time you're out my way let me know! I work 2 minutes from the Chan location   And for Spoo http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/panerai-ferrari-scuderia-gmt-fer00009-45mm-super-price-875468.html
Thanks, I appreciate it
   Rugby certainly isn't the same quality or materials as regular polo but it's pretty sought after (not on SF) because of teh more athletic fit and it is a now-deceased brand. sells decent on eBay I've found.
A few finds today. I violated the NPC for these. The vests are NA for the moment as they're my size but the sweater is available for trade.      
Well my tailor will understand... I'll do my very best to hold off.   I did however fail in other regards... too good to pass up. [[SPOILER]]
      Not exactly, his total donation in the spirit of the thread is $243... quite a generous individual! It's a 1-to-1 match remember
Weird... that's my exact size in the Kei line...
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