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Well as while back I asked the question here about what kind of dress watch I should get to commemorate a big career event. I got a lot of great feedback and some insightful responses. I was fortunate enough to pick it up this weekend and I'm very pleased with my decision. My dress watch half of the equation is now complete with the Basculante in steel and now this (special thanks to Dino for planting the seed). [[SPOILER]]
Although I maintain my opinion that Seattle is a sartorial wasteland devoid of tailoring... today was a good day. And the GF was the one who discovered the kitten.
Gents, found a cool horn change bowl today not too unlike this one however some silly person decided to paint fake leopard spots on it. Would anyone have an idea how to safely remove the paint, would a regular paint stripper damage it? For $1.99 I was willing to chance it.   https://www.hangerproject.com/polished-oxhorn-coin-tray.html
   Definitely Fabric by Fabric but I think the Average right now is low 4's for basic fabric. My most recent one was just under 5 and for a 2 piece suit in a very unique flannel.
Lol must be a weird angle, these things are tiny!! Size 40 (us7)
Pierre Balmain is current diffusion line but it's actually a lot better than the standard licensing agreement. Many retailers like Neiman Marcus continue to stock both brands (although not simultaneously in markets). PB offers similar style at an upscale although cheaper price point. Its made for secondary markets that flagship Balmain won't enter. If it's recent you'll likely find a market. Skiis I'm unsure of, but they make Skiing apparel... not sure of what that has to...
First trip of the season and not a let down, 25% off shoes today.
Shout out to Spoo for this Sartoria Castangia jacket which actually looks to be NWT (Tailors tag and basting still in place) I have been lusting after one ever since I saw them at Bergdorf but couldn't get them for a reasonable price... well $48.77 seems reasonable enough!     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sartoria-Castangia-Made-in-Italy-Silk-Wool-Plaid-Jacket-Sport-Coat-Blazer-42-R-/351612188531
@fueco here's why I was interested
Outdoor guys, am I looking at something awesome or just something old? I took a gamble on it being the former.
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