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Shout out to Spoo for this Sartoria Castangia jacket which actually looks to be NWT (Tailors tag and basting still in place) I have been lusting after one ever since I saw them at Bergdorf but couldn't get them for a reasonable price... well $48.77 seems reasonable enough!     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sartoria-Castangia-Made-in-Italy-Silk-Wool-Plaid-Jacket-Sport-Coat-Blazer-42-R-/351612188531
@fueco here's why I was interested
Outdoor guys, am I looking at something awesome or just something old? I took a gamble on it being the former.
Am I looking at vintage or knock off? Quality seems there
It's been a bit dry around here for me but I thought this J.Press was really cool, a slim 42 with suede elbow patches.
I've got another one for the block list - bajeu03  [[SPOILER]]
Yea no worries, it happens. I did the same thing when starting our with an RLPL orphan and it ended up selling for one of the best things I've ever sold! General rule of thumb is that pinstripes are almost never anything but suiting fabric (some SWD and modern lines have adopted them but true MC is 99% always suit).
Not to kill your enthusiasm but that G&H is RTW made for a department store, not the true Savile Row bespoke. Also it's an orphan suit jacket, not a blazer...
Is this the Begg that I'm looking for?
Gents,   A while back I asked for some suggestions on watches that would help commemorate a big shift in my career. I got some great suggestions from VC, PP, AP and ALS. I finally decided on one to go forward with and will be picking it up in the middle of January in NYC. I've been too excited to wait to have it in hand before dropping this teaser.   Thanks for all the help, you guys were tremendous enablers!
New Posts  All Forums: