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highest for RTW, up there with Attolini, Kiton, Brioni
I'm just starting out and buying what I like, nothing really worth much but they are cool for me.   Untitled Interior - Jean Luypaert (1893-1954) Oil on board     Scene from Andes Mountains - oil on board Pablo Schouboe (1874-1941)   Beach scene - unattributed oil on canvas from the late 19th / early 20th century   Signed Bronze Bust of Man with Glasses By Baroness Kalckreuth 1930's Not on original base
Bump, still looking for info
Gents, I'll be in Florence for the next few days. Anyone have any experience there? thrifts I should hit?
Yea they look good
It would seem as though I found a doctors stash of old ties, these were mixed in amongst a bunch of other red whimsical ties of various makers.
To all my Minnesota brothers, if you happen across a pair of beige Oxxford reverse orphans let me know I'm trying to reunite this sexy suit.
Went to Dallas this last weekend. Got mostly skunked but I have to say what I saw definitely had promise. Some ripped Brioni suits, a few Savile Row pieces in an odd small size not worth the risk for me, and one gem - a super 160s Loro Piana suit made by Isaia (NA).
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