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Which ones?
[[SPOILER]]  Does anyone know who makes Berluti rtw? Bespoke is done by the old Arnys outfit.
Stanley Korshak
I'm considering accepting a position with Amazon and was wondering what an insider's take on it is.
You're too right my friend! fixed
Gents, a few of the Seattle guys have responded but can't make it. Last chance, I am lookin to meet up for a drink or thrift tonight! I'm at the Fairmont Olympic, pm me if you're down. I won't be able to check until this afternoon.
II think he meant in the waist, you can see some bunching from the belt.
Can we ban this guy? Necroing all these old threads
Not sure yet, still trying to investigate where. I wont be leaving until September so I have time to look for an apartment. I heard Las Calenas (spelling?) Is reasonable in rent and drive time to downtown.
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