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Anyone ever seen Hunter Made in Italy sneakers? Leather feels like it's almost impregnated with oil to be water resistant.   My size so N/A      
+1 for Camille Fournet. I've got a Navy Blue Croc strap for my ALS and it's at least as good as the stock ALS Croc strap if not better. Pricey but good.
I was a buyer for Mens, Cucinelli, Brioni and Loro Piana were my vendors.Definitely Legit. Pm me if you need someone to take it off your hands!!
$675. It's a few seasons old as I was in the NM buying offices when we brought this one in!
   I picked one up but not sure it will actually ship. And I don't trust the XXR measurements, a 52EU is NOT a 36R lol, they may be listing pant waists. Silly Neimans. Fingers crossed it doesn't get canceled.
Wearing my baby today
 The question is - What watches are you putting in it??
 Fitgreat as it was, I'm about a 33/34 waist and the belt was a 36.I'm wearing the Hell out of it!
Well they are truly lovely! I would have expected the folders to be smaller though...Thought you all might be interested in these shots from my recent trip to the Paris RL MansionAlso some of you may enjoy this (while not exactly RRL).I attended a Filson & Friends event a week or so back where they invite locap artisans to showcase pop-up shops at yhe flagship store.Wild Bill Cleaver was there and I had the opportunity to chat with Bill himself which was really awesome....
I've been considering picking up a folder for EDC but the steel looks rather poor quality to hold an edge. How are they in terms of quality? Clearly they are visually stunning. Your folder looks like the indigo one?I just carry a standard laguiole
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