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No big finds for me recently although these ethrifts showed up, tagged mens 4-1/2 but fit the GF like a glove
Anyone a 48 and in need of TF? http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Tom-Ford-Suit-Size-48R-31510964.html
Rifle case
Is this the woolrich I am looking for?
Only 1 recent find worth mentioning. What breaks my heart is that there were more and someone bought the others but left these behind. Minty but small, 7D Alden
If you picke up the Kiton with 27" arms let me know if it doesn't fit!
Another great Thursday in the PNW  
Man it has been dry around here!! Just a few finds from the last couple weeks, nothing amazing :(  [[SPOILER]]
Happy Friday gents
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