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Well I haven't seen much action since I relocated to the Emerald City, mostly since I haven't had the opportunity to get out with all the move has brought but I have found a few gems. [[SPOILER]] And this was a pop
you found the NapoliSuMisura? What size and is it available?
definitely not looked down upon in the forum but you can message me, I know a bit.
Find some vintage Gallets with the Excelsior Park movementshttps://www.hodinkee.com/articles/ask-us-anything-what-are-great-vintage-chronographs-for-under-a-grand
Whether or not it's considered a status symbol in your area is inconsequential, the sub is still a purpose built tool watch (albeit an expensive one) but can handle more than you can throw at it. I've got a GMT Master II that has less WR than a sub but I've never hesitated to shower, swim, camp, shoot, or shallow dive with it. I take it hunting, camping and hiking and it has never once missed a beat.
Thanks for the exposure! Dropped the price as I'm saving for my grail. Let's get this a new home.
I'm not sure if this has been posted here before but I thought it was a really cool story http://www.watchuseek.com/site/Memovox_Restored.pdf
[[SPOILER]] I love the owner of that consignment shop for the Brioni, it was too short in the arms for me. She consistently has nice recent stuff and the CEO of Neimans even consigns there *shhh*
Seattle hurts me Go get it fishy
Sorry on the phone and cant spoiler. That jacket was a large? Dang, I saw it hanging and passed because they had the sign on it saying Mediun abd it was hanging behind the desk. I snagged the Cucinelli pants though. Almost picked up the red label since it fit me but passed yesterday. $80 a suit aint bad!
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