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Shoot, all this rectangular watch talk makes me want to leave this here. Still my go-to dressy watch but have been dressing it down too, Like Keith said the dial takes on a creamy/champaign tone now that it's on a brown strap. Can't get enough of it.  
Gents any thoughts on this button stance? I usually don't buy Longs but the length was what I wanted to wear with pants rather than jeans. Sits right even with my naval but seems a bit low.
I'd really like a "customer profile" section on the site that would keep track of your most up to date edits. I recently went back and reordered some old shirts off of previous measurements but forgot that I had elongated the collars and now the points don't reach my lapels. My fault 100% but that feature would be very helpful for remembering details like that.
From my Tumblr   [[SPOILER]]
This might be a better thread for tumblr questions: http://www.styleforum.net/t/263244/post-sf-tumblrs/0_20 If you're using mobile mine often look crappy on my phone but if you look via a computer they look fine.
some old Glasgows all shined up for you
They were just in the photo with the bag, I didn't look at the shoes.
snagged these on the sale.  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
PSA to my MN brothers - minty fresh Samuelsohn for Hubert White at Unique in BVille. 42x36 but hemmed for a short guy. Too much to flip but good for personal. $50
highest for RTW, up there with Attolini, Kiton, Brioni
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