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Can we just all take a moment and appreciate how terrific this is? Thank you Dirnelli & team
indeed, a necro from 2007 to ask about pricing... Ay yay yay Yea Cartier make some great pieces if you know where to look. Their new in-house caliber has yet to be proven but early signs seem to be positive. I'm still of the camp that I'd prefer a movement from a reputable maker like Piaget rather than a new in-house but everyone has their preferences.
 You both couldn't be more wrong. It's amazing the uneducated +1s that exist. http://www.qpmagazine.com/media/38864/QP24_Cartier.pdf
No problem, we are focused on clothing which means we usually end up paying more than most people do to make sure things fit in ways only perceivable by a small group.   Great idea and awesome that you achieved your goal. Keep at it.
Incoming   [[SPOILER]]
Congrats on making your funding goal, I'm not sure how much support you'll get around here as the population generally advocates going MTM, bespoke or tailoring ready-made (darts can be as cheap as $15) but it seems like it could be a great product for the right market.   Very cool concept and could be great for guys who generally don't wear dress shirts. Maybe a Billy Mayes-esq pitch?
I've got this incoming from NSuited again    [[SPOILER]]
 That Belvest is
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