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 Maybe I missed something but the dude is calling attention to the gesture specifically so we don't miss out on this deal. For one I think it's damn admirable for him to recognize the losses and prefer to pass them on to us. I'd call attention to something like that too if only to make sure it doesn't fly under the radar of people who may not go back and read 10 pages of squabbling. If anyone think it's a cry for personal attention too just get passed it, say thanks for...
Does anyone know what the "Col Pic" box on the Zegna tag refers to? Or, better yet, does anyone know which of these refers to the actual color of the jacket?  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Dear God, I don't know if I'm praying for them to be my size or for them not to...
Givenchy Thom Browne Crescent downworks Cervo Cucinelli Etro Buscemi Attolini Yeezy Kenzo  
A few recent finds, all N/A [[SPOILER]]
No wonder I couldn't find this thread! A new one was started. Wearing this today. Always appreciate the suggestion from Dino for planting the seed whenever I strap it on. I wear it even on casual days like today.
Anyone familiar with Heschung Shoes? I've found them on Mr. Porter, seem to be French and feature Norwegian welts prominently. Anyone attest to their quality? I took a flyer on a nearly new pair for $25.
Pretty stoked to see my Fallan & Harvey show up. I was in desperate need of a little more English sensibility in my closet.
Recent finds, all NA unfortunately.Recent C&JsBaller AttoliniVintage PRL hand-knit sweater [[SPOILER]]
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