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So I found this the other day, had to get it. I'm a sucker for weird things. Hand made in Florence leather box with seemingly gold leaf. It's large too, I'm thinking of making it a jewelry box of some kind. EDIT: after some digging it turns out it was a presentation box for a limited edition Loiminchay pen. They run into tens of thousands of dollars and based on the box it seems like multiple inks accompanied this pen. Not sure it has much value beyond the beauty but it...
Boys, I'll be in NYC from tomorrow until next Saturday staying around Grand Central Station. Any recommendations or anyone want to grab coffee?
Shoot, all this rectangular watch talk makes me want to leave this here. Still my go-to dressy watch but have been dressing it down too, Like Keith said the dial takes on a creamy/champaign tone now that it's on a brown strap. Can't get enough of it.  
Gents any thoughts on this button stance? I usually don't buy Longs but the length was what I wanted to wear with pants rather than jeans. Sits right even with my naval but seems a bit low.
I'd really like a "customer profile" section on the site that would keep track of your most up to date edits. I recently went back and reordered some old shirts off of previous measurements but forgot that I had elongated the collars and now the points don't reach my lapels. My fault 100% but that feature would be very helpful for remembering details like that.
From my Tumblr   [[SPOILER]]
This might be a better thread for tumblr questions: http://www.styleforum.net/t/263244/post-sf-tumblrs/0_20 If you're using mobile mine often look crappy on my phone but if you look via a computer they look fine.
some old Glasgows all shined up for you
They were just in the photo with the bag, I didn't look at the shoes.
snagged these on the sale.  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
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