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Squeaking would be a huge negative for me but that hasn't happened. I'm happy with the shoes.In some ways, because of the cheaper price I don't coddle them, and don't care about minor niggles. It could also be because I have enough other shoes and know that they will eventually get scuffed and damaged anyway and these are the least visible flaws in comparison.
Just posting to add another confirmation. The edge of the welt on my left shoe just separated from the sole. The other shoe is starting to show a line and will eventually do the same. Seems like the glue doesn't keep the leather together so you end up with a cosmetic defect. This is on their standard model. The Linea Mastro's haven't shown the same yet.They look like very decent shoes but the price difference shows up in the small details, like trim of the lining is quite...
Mr. Sam signed off one of his early posts with - B.
That's your solution to everything.
I have been led to believe that visible bra straps are a serious fashion faux pas, as are visible panty lines. Visible thongs are perfectly acceptable in Australia (even on men) but elsewhere cause most women to literally die of shame. It's true. My personal view is that red is a beautiful colour and should be seen as much as possible.
I know what you mean, less Burgundy and more Bordeaux. Navy or dark burbundy is much of a muchness to me.
That's not photoshopped. Don't just crosspost images from the casual thread.
But I thought I was doing sprezzatura!I wear a casual summer suit without a tie and unbuttoned shirt on a hot day.I wear an odd jacket without a tie and unbuttoned shirt as much as with a tie.I try very hard not to wear a tie without also wearing a jacket. Sitting at a desk doesn't count.
That's a royal "we," isn't it.I wear jeans that go from extra dark to extra faded white. By being extra authentically faded to look like authentic jeans, like those worn by the people I'm trying to dress "above," am I dressing "above" them by trying to authentically dress like them or am I only dressing like them?Because I hope that everyone that's trying to dress "above" the people we are trying to dress "above" by wearing raw dark jeans will recognise that I'm succeeding...
I just watched that too and the how to fit a suit video that showed up next. First thing I saw was the chest, which is odd because he's not female. He's gone just that one little bit too far, to the point where it looks a bit too obvious. Not to my taste. The black polo with that jacket on Patrick didn't work for me either but I'm a polo hater. The whole thing had a very Australian, very casual vibe. I'm feeling all conservative now, even though I wear some oddball stuff...
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