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11.5 D... They look pretty sleek while on my foot. More sleek than the Vernon.. About the same as the Kenilworth..  All this "nice" clothes and shoes is a bit foreign to me. I stumbled on the website from a google search of "What color shoes to wear with blue slacks".. I have no spent $5,000 and a shit load of time on here.. Trying to break away from the black or gray slack with black shoes... I am learning.. :) More importantly, I am having fun!
Speaking of Strands.. I was walking through Nordy's yesterday and bit the bullet. My third pair of AE's since November 3rd... Thanks guys.. My wife loves you!   Trying to decide if I should "bull" these or leave them more natural looking....
Just picked up these new Kenilworth's online for $185.. Spent an hour with some Kiwi last night.. So far I love them!
From this..  ($65 on ebay)       To this.. (Crappy Iphone picture doesn't do it justice)
I purchasd a new pair of AE Vernon's in "chili" on Ebay.. Got a steal on them.. $65 shipped.. They looked like this..   I spen two hours tonight "bulling" them.. I used AE chili paste then about 6 coats of Kiwi brown (thanks Patrick_b).. They came out nice.. Crappy Iphone doesn't do it justice under the lighting..   Next up are these Feragamo's I got on ebay... (This is a huge step for me.. I am use to wearing square toe BLACK ONLY Hugo Boss slip...
Patrick_b what are you doing to get your Chili AE's that shiney? Which color Kiwi?? Brown?? I just picked up some AE Vernon's in Chili color and am a stickler for shiney shoes... I have never polished anything "mirror" other than black...
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