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I ended up getting rid of these shoes.. The creases were HORRIBLE after 5 wearings.. I used the AE Polish on them, then bulled the toes out with Kiwi Brown..  Kiwi will not make major changes to the color. It is a wax only. The sun will change the shoe color more than any wax will.   They polished up very well, again- the pictures did not do them justice. The Kenilworth is another shoe that I have bulled out real nice as well... On the brown Kenilworth I am using Chili...
Oops... Meant G&G..
Any idea where I could fins some C&G retailers in California?
Pretty slick.. I dig the laces!    
I have been using AE Chili polish on my brown Kenilworths and am really happy with the result... 
I own three pairs of AE's.. Walnut Strands, Chili Vernon and Brown Kenilworth. I plan on buying one more pair. Probably in black.  I have worn the Strands with jeans, suits and Khaki's. They are the most versatile and IMHO best looking...  
New AE Walnut Strands..
I would say the walnut Strand or call the Shoe Bank and jump on some Seven Tresana's..  
Nice pickup!
Nordstrom will have separate sales at different locations.. My buddy is the shoe Manager at a local store and he said his sale will be different than the website.  
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