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Brand new AE Clifton's. 2 coasts of Saphir Renovator and about an hours worth of Kiwi on each cap.. [IMG]
New AE Clifton's with se Saphir and about an hours worth of Kiwi on each toe..
I regularly interview people for my company. We are located in Orange County, CA. If a candidate DOES NOT wear a suit to the interview they better WOW me over in other way's. A suit show's respect and professionalism. I interview Sales People for a job that pay's 50K-75K a year..
I ended up getting rid of these shoes.. The creases were HORRIBLE after 5 wearings.. I used the AE Polish on them, then bulled the toes out with Kiwi Brown..  Kiwi will not make major changes to the color. It is a wax only. The sun will change the shoe color more than any wax will.   They polished up very well, again- the pictures did not do them justice. The Kenilworth is another shoe that I have bulled out real nice as well... On the brown Kenilworth I am using Chili...
Oops... Meant G&G..
Any idea where I could fins some C&G retailers in California?
Pretty slick.. I dig the laces!    
I have been using AE Chili polish on my brown Kenilworths and am really happy with the result... 
I own three pairs of AE's.. Walnut Strands, Chili Vernon and Brown Kenilworth. I plan on buying one more pair. Probably in black.  I have worn the Strands with jeans, suits and Khaki's. They are the most versatile and IMHO best looking...  
New AE Walnut Strands..
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