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Check out this YouTube video from my buddy @andrewdoeshair Follow him on Instagram and check out his YouTube Chanel. He talks about how to style this and which product to use.
What did you do to shine them? They look great!
Count me in on the 5ml of TV
Thank You. this thread has been a big inspiration to me and has put a dent into my savings..   In all seriousness, I am realizing how important it is to invest in quality not quantity.
First post in the thread.
Yes- I use renovator and then Kiwi waxes only.. Everything else I have used gives the shine a very "cloudy" look.
Michael, here is a quick video I found on YouTube.
You have to "bull" the toe.. Takes time but is worth it. Now I need to figure out the rest of the shoe. I have no desire to spend 3 more hours shining tonight..
One more in better lighting.. The IPhone 5 camera isn't as good as I thought.
One more..
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