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Thank You. this thread has been a big inspiration to me and has put a dent into my savings..   In all seriousness, I am realizing how important it is to invest in quality not quantity.
First post in the thread.
Yes- I use renovator and then Kiwi waxes only.. Everything else I have used gives the shine a very "cloudy" look.
Michael, here is a quick video I found on YouTube.http://youtu.be/7GiD6zVe6Uo
You have to "bull" the toe.. Takes time but is worth it. Now I need to figure out the rest of the shoe. I have no desire to spend 3 more hours shining tonight..
One more in better lighting.. The IPhone 5 camera isn't as good as I thought.
One more..
Brand new AE Clifton's. 2 coasts of Saphir Renovator and about an hours worth of Kiwi on each cap.. [IMG]
New AE Clifton's with se Saphir and about an hours worth of Kiwi on each toe..
I regularly interview people for my company. We are located in Orange County, CA. If a candidate DOES NOT wear a suit to the interview they better WOW me over in other way's. A suit show's respect and professionalism. I interview Sales People for a job that pay's 50K-75K a year..
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