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I'm still a work in progress.... Right now I'm working on getting from a 46 to a 42 suit..
Went with GIT for the first time today. This may be blasphemy but I'm not totally sold on it...
HIm by Hanae Mori today. Now that it has dried down a bit I really enjoy this fragrance. The EDT is far better IMHO then the EDP.
I have not tried his private blends as I just cannot justify the cost. Versace Man (purple bottle) seems to be my favorite thought fall and winter. TDH may be my new spring and summer scent. I do enjoy Aventus as well..
Versace Man (purple bottle), creed aventus, Terre De Hermes, Tom Ford Noir, Tom Ford for men, Bond No. 9 New Harlem, hooker spit. =}
Just picked up Terre De Hermes and gave it a go.. I like it. My wife wants Tom Ford Noir back in the stable.. It gave me a headache all winter.
I get it Brad but I think it's obvious you were trying to be a dickhead and now you're back peddling. It's cool though, just like tranny's, style is also subjective.
Bahahahaha.. That was funny..  Keyboard warriors are the best aren't they?
Guys, a buddy of mine is an amazing hair stylist. He answers tons of mens hair questions on his YouTube Chanel and on his Instagram page.. Check him out here http://youtu.be/OT_jZon2QOg and on IG @andrewdoeshair.
Here is another video http://youtu.be/OT_jZon2QOg If you want more of the matte look try imperial barber products fiber pomade or even matrix beach clay
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