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Went with Aventus today. Probably will tomorrow as well. Just wished it lasted longer than 3 hours.
Went with a high school favorite today. What the hell, CK Escape. It's amazing how you love something so much at one point of your life to find out 15 years later you cannot stand it.
SOTD: Hermes Voyage. Hated the top but the dry down was superb. 9 hours of good longevity for this smoker.
TDH for me! It's a longevity beast...
Only the best for the mom's in my life! AVENTUS.. Great longevity and projection in the 90+ degree weather we had today.
Actually, I'm going to return the Platinum Egoitste. It is almost identical to CK Eternity which can be found for $25 in the states. Trying to decide what to spend the $90 on at Macy's.. As much as I don't want to, I'm leaning toward Bleu De Chanel or something like that. I have dry skin and want a summer frag that lasts all day.. I smoke as well so I need something that projects..
Chanel platinum Egoiste today.. Probably tomorrow too! =}
Versace the dreamer
Today I finished my bottle of D&G the one and replaced it this afternoon with Tom Ford Noir.. Also picked up a bottle of 212 which I got for 70% off...
Yes, I need some new colar stays for sure. This suit was the first suit I purchased.. Paid more in alterations than the suit but being the sole provider of a family of five you gotta do what you gotta do... The forecast called for rain so I tossed the TBNY's on... Ill try again tomorrow. I'm a Sales Manager so smiling is a must! =} see....
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