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Bond Bleeker St. Received three compliments.
I understand that. Not sure of which to add to the collection. Torn between both!
Today: Creed Aventus.. Question for you guys, I'm going to be a flacon of either Tom Ford TV or Creed Aventus or for $380 I can get 3 bottles of Bond... Suggestions?
jo malone oud & bergamot - I love this! Wife picked it up yesterday at Nordy's.
GIT today.. Not sure how much I like it.
TDH for me
Versace Dreamer today
Went with Aventus today. Probably will tomorrow as well. Just wished it lasted longer than 3 hours.
Went with a high school favorite today. What the hell, CK Escape. It's amazing how you love something so much at one point of your life to find out 15 years later you cannot stand it.
SOTD: Hermes Voyage. Hated the top but the dry down was superb. 9 hours of good longevity for this smoker.
New Posts  All Forums: