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"Brown" oops
Dark brown over bourbon? I have me eye on the Bourbon 5th Ave's. I have a pair of b4own TBNY.
I need some help guys, a friend of mine offered to purchase AE's for me to return a favor. I'm not quite sure what to get. I already have a pair of walnuts strands And Dalton's as well as Merlot Cliftons. What would you suggest? I wear a suit to work every day for the most part or a variation of a sports coat with a tie. I'm not a fan of black shoes so that is out.
Cooper square by Bond for me
They look phenomenal!
 Deets on the boots please.
Can the park ave be ordered in suede?
Hi everyone, need a suggestion for a cap toe medium brown suede Oxford to wear with more casual suits.. Budget is around $250 though.. Any suggestions?
My Dalton's arrived today.. Should I reno them or just brush?
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