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Going along those lines, have a November Moto Spot. Can be changed to a MDR or DR or any other leather. PM me if you want to talk.
Being burnt out is a great excuse for closing a business. It's not a great excuse for saying we're going to close to the business for months on end while taking in hundreds of (maybe even more) orders and then failing to deliver. 
Don't the climbers also noticeably pill? That's what I've heard and it makes me lean toward the dungarees
People are more disappointed/angry with the extension of the wait times than the actual wait times.   If someone gives me an ETA of 20 weeks, at most I'd expect 25-30?   But now we're at 44? I understand the business model, but there's really no justification for being so far off.
Because I would inevitably fuck it up, does he mean soak for like 15-30 seconds?
I don't think price anchoring is an issue that will hurt WvG too much at this point. If Mauro keeps the same quality (which I'm assuming he will) and knocks down all prices, SF will pick up on this and he'll be known for a great quality/price ratio. I would say anchoring is a much bigger issue for the average customer and less of an issue for SF customers since they can all share their experiences. I think the best example of this is Luxire/TOJ, which are definitely...
I have Riri zips on a W+H hoodie and holy shit, they are noticeably better in terms of smoothness and appearance than other zippers I've had to use.
Awesome, and assuming the NOBD collar, which version? Edit: Which particular fabric is this?
Not sure you'd consider it seriously if it wasn't on a pretty nice discount. Pass.
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