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Yeah great choice mang^ love mine!
chv7 looks sick mang.
thenewjs, it's too long, and the sleeves far too long, also da fuck did you get that lining for?????? think the toj1 needs to fit slim ish to look it's best!
ts18 almost a trill look! unbutton top button for daytime, it's a bit try hard now I think, unroll the jeans/put some socks on it's winter mang! and a pair of black cp achilles or black chucks on a budget....sorted
+1 on the MA-1, and still don't believe this John Coppidge thing!
So what was the original in joke with Temple of jawnz?  I thought John coppidge was some character from a sci fi movie or something
Yeah I plan on getting my third black jacket, brown wouldn't work on me, comes down to personal style!
know who that is, don't think he's a member here though
Vicarius bawcey collection mang, have you got a T-1?
@hhenryhhh very similar to me other day, except I had some black cp ahilles vintage. Good look mang, I love my blacked out A2
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