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 Impeccable shewz.
  Nice....a light cognac....is this detroit last...looks generous.
I am glad i ignored the new yorkers review of godzilla....which wasnt good. The film was an excellent way to kill a cople of hours.
Started off wanting something like a deep eggplant/ burgundy mix....but that was not possible....so they made it a bit darker while building them....but i think the reseller i bought from ended up polishing them with a lot of black.
Whatever happened to " mr vass dont like to do......but for you we will do".
  You can ask them to lay some heavy antiquing on it and it will be much darker...I chose that route.
I must say this sausages outfit has got a pretty good eg collection if your size shows up.
Ive seen this style attempted by a few but the proportions and aesthetics on these are perfect. If i venture into sc again, these will be top of my list.
Lovely....wonder if theyd be even better if the sole was black.
Bontoni man he say you talk funny. (Like lady thailand)
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