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Post #2 is very clear…I should've looked there first. Thanks.
Hi Charlie   1. What's the difference between a bar and a tab zipper…I tried to google images and got a bar hooker instead.   2. Does the shoulder gusset of a leather jacket have any functional use or is it purely aesthetic?   3. Ive noticed some jackets have snaps on both lapels and collar tips (4 in all) while some have just 2 on the lapels. Is 4 snaps more of an ornamentation for ladies jackets? Most of the mens designs Ive seen on the TOJ gallery seem to have...
Thanks Charlie. Mickey, to address your concerns, some boutiques in Asia will sell you a garment and charge you a nominal fee for alterations in length/waist. Different from going to a tailor who measures every part of you…I understand that as MTM….so just trying to clarify, and I'm ok with Falcon's reply on this. If you keep responding to every dumb question of mine on this thread (even when its not addressed to you), you're going to be a pretty busy man.
Hi Charlie   If you had to take a stock size and then shorten the sleeve length plus the widths at bicep, elbow and wrist…does that count as MTM?   Cheers
I guess I could go with something like this….although silver zippers pop a bit more and I wouldn't mind the silver snaps on the lapels.   BTW, I read that this is whiskey calf….very nice…just what I had imagined….I think it will age very well.  
 That bad…huh?  If you don't do zippers on the DR2, then what sort of pockets are they? I do understand where you're coming from though…obviously you don't want people to get carried away with customisation where the end product looks completely different from what you have envisioned. Thanks for the feedback.
  I like the DR3 design very much but have some questions about the customising options as Im looking at something extremely understated…anti-bling, as it were.   Toying with the idea of ordering this without the epaulets, without belt and loops as well as both doing away with both zip pockets and the flap pocket….two-piece back without the liver panel (like the DR2)…..presenting a very clean and pared back look both front and back. Sleeve zippers would be on the...
42 and us9d here....glad i went with 41 in achilles lo tops perforated white....fits like a glove....i wouldnt describe my feet as narrow but of average width.
Eyeing a pair of all-black Bally Hendris lo-tops.....leather is incredibly soft....so soft, in fact, that im a bit worried it will rip or something after a few months. Anyone using bally hendris...theyre not exactly cheap and i wonder if etq might offer comparable quality for less.
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