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  Does anyone agree that the dr5 might perhaps be a tad feminine?
New additions are great....exciting stuff.....fwiw i quite like the restraint shown on the quilting in the samples.And wish i had they could be ordered looking exactly as shown.
^^^^ Those are insaaaane man…congrats!
Anyone had a falcon jacket made in whiskey lambskin recently….any chance you could post a pic…   Cheers
4 snaps instead of two….is it possible to request this on DR2 orders?
I double checked and its PRC….lol…thats even worse. Anyway the woman at the Bally Showroom said they are planning to move all production back to italy as they received some complaints. But they would say that, wouldn't they.
Im a true US9D…I went with 41 and they were perfect….theyre cut a bit narrow up in front but with wear they relax.
The Bally sneakers I'd been eyeballing finally went on sale. They're cut pretty large…Im a US9D and had to take a 40.5 Euro size (6.5UK)…ridiculous.   Leather is lamb nappa and soft as butter….Im guessing they will stretch out a bit with a few wears. Colour is a dense military green (caper)….decent alternative to the black ones which never go on sale.   They were 50% off….I grumbled a bit about the 'Made in ROC' tag under the tongue and the S.A. knocked off another...
Post #2 is very clear…I should've looked there first. Thanks.
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