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^^ Ah, got it. Thank you.
I read that there was a discount code for SF….but I cant seem to find it. Rather not have to wade thru 2500 pages for it. Can someone enlighten me here or by PM?
 FWIW, I find the G&G Nice to be far cleaner in its design and better suited to a tasselled loafer. The absence of an apron and the medallion is what makes it really appealing. (for me) I could never figure out why they discontinued it. For last its hard to beat KN14….i think Nice is unlined to begin with.
Any discount/free shipping codes for Opumo these days?    Got my eye on some sneakers  
Got a Farfetch code for free shipping to give away.   EDIT: code has been given away.
As I have no purchases planned for the validity period of the code, first one to PM me gets it.   Bear in mind that it is only valid till 22 August 2016.   And the fact that it might be linked to work only with my Farfetch account…but I figure there's no harm trying it, is there?   I'd rather pass it on than have it lapse.
Ive worn this for just a little over a day now….and the lapels have settled….they sit flat against the chest now…so I think it's not a concern.
Got a DR5 in brown lambskin and very pleased with it. Went the 'Trust Charly' route on measurements, even though I was tempted to meddle...glad I didn't, since this turned out near perfect.   Communication was excellent and time taken from order to delivery was around three weeks.   The first picture accurately represents the colour…the feel and heft of the jacket is substantial….it is soft, luxurious and very supple.    I was a bit alarmed when the lapels refused to...
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