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Great style.
Sounds like you would be a 43.5 in u last for vass. Sizing up half is not a bad idea if your foot is a little wider than usual.
I was comparing the classic last on my chukkas to my f -last vass derbies and preferred the look of the f-last by a large margin.....f last is probably the sexiest round last ive seen....and its side walls are just perfection.
Dashing makeup my man....is the red bit around the laces suede? If i had to name this model id call it the Courtier.
What polish did you use? I have a 2 eye derby in oil green and it doesnt look much like that.Apparently its box calf that doesnt behave like crust, which is easier to attempt patina colours on.
Nice chukkas europrep....that looks like an extra wide last...is it detroit?
 Awesome....chiselled last?
Very nice...what last is this?
 I concur....Ive never seen a biarritz in black but I feel it would be a special loafer for sure.....I have it in cedar and love it. The little details on the apron are wonderful.....and if you have the right foot...the fit is glove like.
Hi Justin   Sorry to bring this up here but it's the most convenient channel for me.   I purchased a pair of shoes from you when you launched and enjoy wearing them. I don't know if/when I'll get another pair simply because my closet is full at the moment.   But I am getting regular emails from your site even though I clicked on the unsubscribe button....Ive unsubscribed about three times now.   I am sure some other company is handling your online sales but could...
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