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42 and us9d here....glad i went with 41 in achilles lo tops perforated white....fits like a glove....i wouldnt describe my feet as narrow but of average width.
Eyeing a pair of all-black Bally Hendris lo-tops.....leather is incredibly soft....so soft, in fact, that im a bit worried it will rip or something after a few months. Anyone using bally hendris...theyre not exactly cheap and i wonder if etq might offer comparable quality for less.
Looking to buy a perforated grey CP IN 41 ....in decent condition....pm me.
 I thought they were loonies for doing that…took a 50% deposit from me, then recanted…luckily Justin Fitzpatrick makes a model called Laurelhurst that is very nice as well.
Yessssss….Im bookmarking it this time ….thanks.   (I would've never guessed this one)
Hi   I used to purchase off season stuff from 2 websites…one is shopthefinest…the other one I have clean forgotten the name of….it sells practically the same brands…Kiton, Incotex, Borelli etc…all i know is they are somewhere on the east coast, like maybe New Jersey or something….husband wife team run it i think….sorry for being so fuzzy. Can anyone throw in a guess or two?   Thanks
Hi justin, is sizing for the ravenna tasselled loafer same as the laurelhurst model?
Been away but saw the bonafe monkey boots on the website and had to come back just to say....outstanding.....my knda boot totally. Nothing monkey about it.
^^ Holy shit...that stitching is just perfect!
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