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Ive worn this for just a little over a day now….and the lapels have settled….they sit flat against the chest now…so I think it's not a concern.
Got a DR5 in brown lambskin and very pleased with it. Went the 'Trust Charly' route on measurements, even though I was tempted to meddle...glad I didn't, since this turned out near perfect.   Communication was excellent and time taken from order to delivery was around three weeks.   The first picture accurately represents the colour…the feel and heft of the jacket is substantial….it is soft, luxurious and very supple.    I was a bit alarmed when the lapels refused to...
  That fit looks good.
Hey Charlie, just sent you my new measurements, as the ones I sent last November have been rendered invalid due to some unforeseen weight loss and poor measuring technique.   The new measurements were done by a professional tailor so they should be sound.   Cheers.
Ok cool...this will be my first leather jacket, so as of now, nothing exists to measure against...and im uneasy about measuring a windbreaker or suit jacket. Thank you.
@ Charlie (i havent ordered yet)   I need to re-measure myself as I messed up some readings…so Im going to get my tailor to help me.   1. As I am planning to wear the jacket with a tshirt at the very least, or at most with a tshirt and a shirt over it, I thought it might make good sense to dress up that way when I go for measurements….does this make sense or must my measurements be taken against bare skin?    2. Also, would like to understand what is the variance...
Any chance of putting up a pic on your site of the M1 with mandarin collar?
Congrats ... Nice website....i agree the dr5 is an outstanding design.
 Good insight there….can I ask if you apply this to front length or back length because from what I understand the front length measurement seems a little less than the back measurement.
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