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Authentic Bvlgari tie (please not this is a factory second) Listed on Ebay Australia 3 day auction.
Authentic Bvlgari MAN gifts sets 50% off retail. Shipping worldwide from Melbourne AU
Burberry mens black Jacket/blazer in 100% virgin wool. RRP $AUD1295 size US 38 EU 48 see listing for measurements. $AUD337        
No way would I buy a car and avoid buying anything else Chinese. Just discovered today our local Kraft company is making Nabisco brand cookies and crackers in F*&%ing CHINA...  vomits!
    Nice purchase CEP. I have gone mad for Glen plaid suits and ties over the past year. Many houses doing amazing suits in GP including Armani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Kiton to name a few. 
Harrolds 101 Collins St Melbourne near the Grand Hyatt hotel.  
  UPDATING LISTING Size 50 SOLD Two ladies Burberry dresses listed fraction of cost price! size 10 -12    
Patched a drywall hole in the kitchen where an old air con header unit had to come out and a new one was put in a different location. I couldn't get anyone to quote or attend a small job so went on youtube for tutorials and did it myself with great results!   Am chuffed I was actually able to do it and save over $150
This post makes me ill, I dispise Paypal and have not accepted it for several years after a few rip offs selling clothing. Worst of all one was a country Victoria resident. I hope both pair of jeans where that tight they cut his knackers off   Now the iphone has left your hands little can be done. Put it down to a lesson learnt. No matter what I ship its via Fastway or registered post. Not even Express post is safe in the event of a lost satchel you will get SFA in...
  Yes Mike these are the folks I am talking about, And can you blame them?  
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