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More like $785 as I want it in Brown.  $285 is pretty significant.  It's more than 50% extra.
Well, while many brands don't have my size at all, some brands have my size as XS or Slim-fit Small.  It's just those ones are rarely for sale as used.   I'd love to get a MTM TOJ, but as a recent grad, paying student loans, and living in NYC, I don't really have the funds at the moment.   Anyway, I guess the consensus is that there are no decent leather jacket brands cheaper than TOJ, which is the same conclusion I had come to while browsing and googling for hours on...
Yea, I looked through them all and really like the collared moto, but it's too expensive for me right now and don't want to wait 2 months.   As for B&S, I have a rather uncommon size at 5'7", 115 lbs, so I gave up on used clothing a long time ago.  
Can anyone direct me to some ~$500 leather jacket brands?  I've been searching around for hours and everyone recommends TOJ, but it's a bit too much for me, plus the two month wait defeats the purpose a bit.   I'm looking for a slim fit urban style kind of jacket.  Any pointers?  Schott and Vanson weren't doing it for me.
Got them today.  Apologies for camera phone shots - couldn't find a proper one.  
Well, it can be opened in a new window and it'll be quite large.Also, no offense, but those socks don't look right with those shoes, IMO.
Great pics. Now I'm debating about getting #8 cap toes with commando soles, but with summer coming around, it may not be worth it at this time. Damn summer, I just want to wear boots.
Damn, that's my size but I don't see anything worthwhile... did it really sell out that fast?
I emailed them saying I owned Bayfields, which are on the same last, and asked if they recommend buying them in the same size - they said yes.
Hmm.  I was contemplating the Alden Cigar Chukkas, but I think I like the color of these Cappuccino Dundees better.  Damn, if only I could see them in person right now.
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