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As soon as i get them back from tailor.
Finally got my pants and I must say, for the price point the quality is absolutely amazing. With a few minor alterations to the pants(thigh area my structure is weird), I'm bound to be a happy customer. Will be ordering  the shirts soon (i Hope the shirts coupon still works)
RIck, Can u post size specs for  slim 14H and 15 size? Also, do you have any plans to introduce french cuffs for slim fit shirts?   I really want to give your shirts a try but wanted to check on size first.
This means for us USA folks this would be less (minus VAT i.e around ~207Euro)?
Thanks Guys for resolving the issue ASAP. WIll post my comments once I receive the pants.
Hey Guys. Wanted to try out your pants and ordered a couple. Still waiting for the order to be shipped (been 4 days already)
Alright ill update the list. Just one last question the price is 260 euro? And how much is it with belt included?
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