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Can someone explain how to go ahead and reserve items prior to the 12/26 sale? I am looking at several suits online (have not stopped at a store yet) - can I pull these or only items that are available in store?
Can anyone recommend me a loafer? I stick to the 5 last (Strand, Park Ave, Fifth Ave, McAllister, Kenilworth) and have one pair on the 3 last (Flatiron). Last time I stopped in a store and tried out a few loafers, none of the pairs really fit very well but it was when I was just starting my AE collection. I wear a 11D on each of the shoes listed above. I like the look of the suede Patriots, but not sure they'll fit me well. Any suggestions on what to try on when I next go...
Asking this question again. Any ideas?
Has anyone picked up a pair of the suede Strands? I love my brown ones and have been looking for a pair of casual suede shoes, but I noticed the suede Strands have a different model number (1614). Do they not fit the same as the regular Strands, which are on the 5 last?
Is there a way to order online today without paying for shipping? My local store seems to be closed today, so my usual method of going having an SA place an order doesn't work.
Picked up the 42R Madison. Thanks Steve!
Placed my second order with allaboutshoes and received the shoes ~2-3 weeks later. No issues whatsoever. Would definitely recommend and will likely place another order in a month or so.
Bought 2 pairs of shoes from allaboutshoes. Came quickly (~ 2 weeks) and exactly as ordered. Will be picking up another pair or two when the new ones come out..
Curious why you are selling..
What last is the neumora on?
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