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Pm sent.
Damn your short arms? Damn my long everything!
Fantastic as always Kent! When will this be available?
Borriello @ €45 - sweet deal on eBay. Couldn't be happier with these. Solid staples with more handmade details than my Barbas and some of my Finamores. Someone should clean out this sellers stock.
So I got this SP SC of Ebay and would love some input on alterations. I do tend to prefer a slimmer figure: the back needs work and the sleeves lengthened (non-working buttons, material available). To my surprise the coat is ventless. I would very much prefer double vents but figure I can live with trying out a ventless since I have never owned one before. The absence of vents require perhaps an even more well-sculptured back than would one with, but as the chest is on the...
Take your time - much appreciated if you do! Cheers
I only own one pair of CJs and it's the best I've got. It's also bench, and as I got mine a few years ago through the no longer existing plal and pediwear combo I paid just shy of $350 for my connaughts. In my view there are nothing better in that price range. Fantastic quality, incredibly versatile and perfect last for my feed. As I still have plenty left on my soles I can't really speak for the allure of longevity through re-soling yet but I reckon that'll be another...
Oh - about the sizing: the MTM-alternatives are about 7 euros more than RTW, so given that you're good with the tape measure it should be fine.
A few months ago I asked them if they would start shipping outside Korea. They responded (bit slowly) that they were about to launch an international website. Since then, it's been quiet and no updates to the page (shipping-wise, they have updated inventory). Would be very interested to try them due to the price and collars. Any news would be much appreciated.
Any chance of a follow-up with more pictures? I'm really curious about the end result.
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