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A fair point. On some of my shirts the hand made details have actually resulted in loose thread. But it explains (and for many, warrants) the higher cost.
Ich makes a great point. A lot of it is down to return to scale in production. Some brands like suitsupply tries to mimic the feeling of brands such as the ones mentioned above. The result is, IMHO, good if not great. You have @ €99 Thomas Mason silverline fabrics with some handmade details such as button holes, pleated shoulders, collar etc, but it is certainly more industrially made than my Finamores or Barbas. It is also definitely worth mentioning that they are made -...
Dirnelli - online from a seller on rakuten actually. I also bought a RJ jacket from them a few months ago to try out the sizing and brand. I concur with the previous experience here on SF that they run about one size small. I typically am a 40/50 but chose 52 now, which fit me perfectly in chest and shoulder. Will perhaps take in the back slightly - don't find RJ to be overly slim.
 Thanks man
I guess this is a little late to the party, but I got a suit from Ring Jacket today and based on the discussions criteria above I agree with Seamaster's 4 stars. I my opinion it's very good - freakn' excellent at the price point actually.
Nicely done Pingson! Really like that tie - what maker is it? Vanda perhaps?
Ah, I see - I did not realize that they were both dummy sleeves, make sense. Yes exactly, he would not do pleating (at the sleeve head) until the real sleeves are attached. Videos would be very cool! I understand that Matuozzo's shirts are fantastic but my budget (I guess) is somewhere in the ballpark of yours, so I would likely choose Fluida or Lombardi. To be honest I do consider shirts to be somewhat disposable - not that I do not take care of them, I take very good...
AG - thank you very much for doing this, much appreciated and very interesting, informative thread. This sort of info is hard to come by and as I hope to visit Napoli someday soon this is truly golden. You live up to your username.    Out of curiosity: is it the final attachment of the sleeves in the last pictures? Seems to lack pleating, but perhaps this is the preference. Also, I'm sorry to hear that the shirts did not live up to the expectations; if you cannot...
Any material to lengthen the sleeves? Cheers
La Grande Bellezza. Fantastic
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