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You will be very pleased with the chino! Enjoy! Construction and material are top notch as usual
Will we be expecting the tote holder email anytime? Are tote holders gonna get first dibs on the quick fire sale which I heard will be epic. For those who are still on the fence about becoming a toteholder do not hesitate no more. It will probably be one of your best investment in the fashion world
BD is so passé. AD is the way to go! Lulz
Looking good in the Henley Mauro! Is that the eggplant? I've dropped you a text do let me know when u have the time Bring on spring 13 already! Side note: nearly had a heart attack watching the man u game against reading! Good to see you active again pierce
No worries Mauro! All is good.How to size for the tees if you have some gut?
Hi Mauro,   Could you help me check on my order? Its been 3 weeks since it was shipped.   Congrats on getting more toteholders on board! Really happy to see the brand growing.   @Pierce When you have time please post some pics of your WvG suit.   Gutted that the bloodlines are darn heavy weight. Looking forward to the lighter all year round version
Gutted to hear that. Have you tried soaking it and giving it a cold wash?Really loved how the linen chambray turned out for meThat's said I'm now looking forward to rock the green plaid shirt
Keep it up Mauro! Gotta admit that the linen chambray was a class act! Really glad to have kopped one! Those who didn't get it can just be jealous! Looking forward to receive my new shirts and rock them!
Olive twill is sick! You've got pm Mauro!
The knits look so good that I want one even I don't have a need for it! I have a pair of the original dandy. I gave it a little taper and I'm loving it! The amount of attention that Mauro puts into the design and fabric and everything else is just phenomenal! And he is essentially a one man army! So he is doing a bloody smashing job! On a side note, it's my birthday month Mauro! F*** Yeah!!
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