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I for one can vouch that the sizing are very consistent. Once you nail down your size you are good to go. Very much unlike gitman or BoO where sizing tends to be all over the place
How about a tote holder exclusive shirt or trousers for that matter ?
Just dropped you a text!Raspberry lawn looks amazing as well! Strong start to SS13 can't wait for other stuff to drop!
Fuck... Those voile in AD L are gone! Hit me up if you still have those available Mauro! Else you could proceed to send me the tees I ordered previously! Thanks!
Edit: double post
Black camo windbreaker looks sick! Will there be any bloodline dress pants for SS13 in lighter weight wool? I'm also eager to see what are the new changes to the tote holder programme!
Bring on the polka dots!
How about some cool hunting wears to compliment those gun talk?
I believe it's still on, the opportunity to become a tote holder Drop Mauro an email and he should be able to resolve it. Though he is away at the moment. You won't regret it! It will be one of the best investment u will ever make
+1 to all the haters, Mauro has been top notch in his customer service! kudos to him. Snagged the skipper from the firesale. Puzzled as to why these didn't fly off the shelves! Ordered two other tees as well!
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