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I'm digging the navy!
Think there shld be better response now that people are aware of the quality of those bloodline. If you factor in the tote holder discount it's a no brainer. Only thing that stopped me from kopping was the weight of the wool. If its in some lighter weight wool it would have been sweet
Polka dot pants will be rad! Any plans for plaid or Windowpane trousers?
WhIch trouser fabric would that be?
The linen chambray shirt is awesome so glad I snagged one when it was available! The new drops are awesome.... Wanna kop all.... But must resist..... Gotta pace myself....
Received my package earlier on last week but didn't have the time to throw on some fit pics as I was caught up with work. I snagged the aquamarine voile, red cream polka dots and blue anchor shirt. They are simply amazing. Don't think I need to go on about the polka dots or the anchor shirt as they have already generated quite a bit of attention. The aquamarine geometric voile shirt is severely underrated! I highly recommend it! Don't sleep on it!
  good taste! Haha it is in fact suede on the dark brown area. Its made on the Olfe last.
here's a repost of my latest MTO with Meermin as some may have trouble viewing it.     Can't wait to lay my hands on them!
Here's a snapshot of my latest MTO with Meermin.
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