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Since we are on the topic of pleats, was wondering if pleats would only work well with plain solid color rather than on pinstripes or plaid?
Use your usual toteholder code for pre orders. This sale has been awesome! Kopped 8 shirts in total
I took the plunge and ordered a short sleeve party pig based on Mauro's advice!Learn to trust the great leader himself
Thanks for the update terror! So glad i ordered a single monk in the plum museum!
+1. Just order a couple of sizes in AD and BD to nail down your fit and proceed to return those that don't fit to Mauro. Else you can drop Mauro an email to check with him your sizing. He is the designer and will be spot on in his advice with regard to sizing. You will not regret becoming a toteholder. And yes! Certain pieces are toteholder exclusive. Hope this helps!
This is what makes SF such a great community. Stoked to see whats in store for us!
Huge shout out to the folks from unipair! Excellent product and service! Received my carminas one day after payment.
Didn't even know there was a fit contest!
Wait... U mean now Mauro is making sunglasses too? Will we be expecting any tote holders email soon for the new fabrics?
Hi terror, has the sample for the single monk plum museum been made?Cheers
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