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Some nice looking fabrics in there. Decided to take the plunge and pulled the trigger on 6 of them. Do they come with mop buttons and detachable collar stay as per the other rtw shirts?
Thanks for the update Terror. Did Pepe share where they were sourcing the remaining plum museum leather from given that Iicea has gone bust? Or more of the case whereby Llcea is still supplying the leather, but was delayed?
Next step would be to roll out some WvG footwear!
Just my humble 2 cents Wasn't my intention to low ball Mauro
Hope my well intention is not misconstrued. I'm also a beneficiary of Mauro's superb customer services! Perhaps I wasnt too clear in my suggestion. It was not meant to be a default option to give away membership for free. It's more like an additional option if person after purchasing his first item wants in to the loyalty programme. Why penalize the chap for wanting to just have a tester piece before deciding to take the plunge eventually? On balance, Mauro would not make...
Not sure how is that being cheap... For the records I'm a full fledged tote holder right from the start.Just throwing out some suggestions to make it a win win situation for both Mauro and the consumer... As per the example Mauro quoted, Mauro would still be 50 bucks better off. Which is why I suggested if the first purchase is a cheaper item say a tshirt for 60, on the second purchase the person would just pay 70 instead of 100 for the loyalty programme. Not sure how is...
Yes, joining the loyalty programme is a no brainer if you dig the stuff that Mauro rolls out. That said, I'm pretty sure most people would be on the fence in buying into the programme as they are unsure of the size and how it will fit and feel on their first purchase. As such, would it be possible for Mauro to allow the person to have a free membership on his next purchase or top up the difference if he had purchased a low cost item such as t shirts as opposed to the...
Think more details on chinos will be released in subsequent newsletter. Am more curious about the polka dots trousers which we polled on before!
Congrats hst! Enjoy your new tie!
It is inevitable that some flaws may fall through the crack during the QC process. What I thought is more pertinent is in fact the customer service after the flaws have been flagged out to them. If they are refusing to settle the issue given it's a major screw up on their part, then I think they probably do not deserve our patronage.
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