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Ohh! think i got an idea of what the secret is now   hope that doesnt warrant a killing from you!   melon tencel looks like an instant kop!!
was the tote email sent out?   Remembered that it was mentioned that we will get one on monday   melon tencel and super 120 are rad!
camo tote??   or something even better? now you've gotten me intrigued!
  my poor wallet too.....   at least tote holders will get an awesome deal!  
hell yeah!   love my current tote cuz it can hold quite abit of stuff. use it from time to time for grocery shopping as well as an utility bag   would be a major step up to get the camo tote! its been a long time coming for that!   quick question, will the dandy pants or the chinos be made from duck canvas?
So do current tote holders need to get a new camo tote?   Japan! Interesting how it may very well proliferate and be well received in Japan and then spread back and create attention and buzz to the States.   WvG FTW!!
Holy S***!!! There's more coming??   will the dandy pants be released for tote holders on monday as well? and any other color ways apart from navy?
sick stuff!!   mauro have you considered getting rkd to model for the new season?   seems like the shirts he model in sells more and faster!
Hows the material of the modern tailor shirt? was it a cotton ploy blend or cotton 2 ply? I would say you pretty much nail the fit for the shirt, nice fit  
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