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Iris Tailor and look for Nani~
  and i quote mauro "FACT"   well the length is of the shirt is bordering on be just able to tuck and is great untuck anyways so maybe thats why!   totally diggin the melon tencel! As awesome as the super 120s are, still thinking of how it could fit into my current wardrobe.   As awesome as always mauro! Boom!
you've got pm mauro!
same here mike, was wondering if its easy to repair it and thought it might be an anomaly since I have only worn it for 2 times without having sent it to the laundry before.   i love love love the trousers and chinos that Epaulet produce and would continue to support you guys! 
same thing albeit a smaller occured to me for my olive guncheck which i only wore twice. the rip occured at around 8 cm away from the v shaped back waist thingy (not sure how to call it)   is it easily fixable?
Ohh! think i got an idea of what the secret is now   hope that doesnt warrant a killing from you!   melon tencel looks like an instant kop!!
was the tote email sent out?   Remembered that it was mentioned that we will get one on monday   melon tencel and super 120 are rad!
camo tote??   or something even better? now you've gotten me intrigued!
  my poor wallet too.....   at least tote holders will get an awesome deal!  
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