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Perhaps could try a size S BD.
kopped the liberty tattersalle with haste! Not gonna see it get sold out before my very eyes again!   Thanks Mauro!   anyways think you should put a tote countdown somewhere so that people will know how many more available totes are left. more will get out of their inertia when they realize how little totes are left up for grabs    
Mauro must have been swamped and i am sure he will fix that!   But hey how do you like the sno cone shirt anyways? looks really nice from all the fit pics so far and its slowly growing on me too!    
I second that. Epaulet shirt fits more like an AD. BD is way slimmer.
nice fit!   @RKD, do you have any fit pic of the melon tencel and sno cone?
sick~!   will mauro reserve extra run on these camo for tote holders?
and so the secret has finally been revealed!
not gonna miss out this time round on those liberty tattersale!
^and thats why people should get a tote!
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