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whats your waist?   BD has a very slim waist suppression while AD would be a good fit if your chest to waist drop aint that huge (its still a slim shirt for that matter!)
      couldnt agree more!
oh nvm then, because I thought I remembered that there was a pair of suede porter on the sample sale, and when you mentioned stuffs from samples in parenthesis I thought you were referring to it. my bad!          
great haircut to rock those camo!
did you get the porter in suede from the sample sale?   do post some suede shoe porn man!
sadly i missed out on it! really gutted.... but think david mentioned that it might become a staple.   yes please!! post pics once you get them!
  happens to be my favourite as well spoo! And im currently in the city where U2 got their initial inspirations for their album   think the suede matthews will be mind blowing!  
cant wait to see the matthews in suede!
any super secret deets??
wonderful benefits of being a toteholder!   ambi, you gonna get bankrupted by mauro
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