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Mauro how many totes are there left?   Im diggin those suits! will you be selling them separately as well? (i.e as a sportscoat or just as a pair of trousers)   I've dropped you a pm and please get back to me when you have time yea
will they be listed on the site ?
bring it on mauro!  
should i include a shot glass for bleach together with the shirt ball as well?
hi kiya are the price listed the already discounted price?
think you could try a large BD as well. Else go with M AD
reydogg get yourself a tote. you won't regret it if you like WvG
pics?   any deets on the colourway?
arghh one of the best lookin shirt, the herringbone gingham and i didnt manage to get it!   bring it back mauro!!
time to get the new website up and running!
New Posts  All Forums: