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would be cool if there is loop hole to get a 99% discount!   but jokes aside, I think the new website is alot better than the old one.   but maybe have a filter function? for example to sort for BD or AD or for available sizes   and maybe have the models smile a little? why so serious? heh!
just saw the site, looks good bro!   quick question, will our old login for the site be still valid? or do we have to create a new account on the new site?
sea foam looks rad!!   perfect color for the summer!
to my knowledge only the single monk is from david and the rest are from kent   both have top notch service and is a great pleasure to deal with.
hang in there RKD!!   will the new overdyes be launched with the new website?
hopefully i can make it to this one!
when is the pig roast?
hahah! That's what she says!   well the longer hair suits you well.   looks like you guys had a blast!
camo looking great   and RKD, did you get a new hairdo?
have fun lads!!
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