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hahah! That's what she says!   well the longer hair suits you well.   looks like you guys had a blast!
camo looking great   and RKD, did you get a new hairdo?
have fun lads!!
should be the overdyes
see, who says asians cant count?
Thanks RKD and Mauro!   wait... you mean +2 with respect to APC right? since most people size down 1 or 2 in their APCs.   anyways mauro, thanks for sorting out and figuring out my sizing for le dandy    
RKD, how did you size for the dandy? any reference with regards to APC sizing maybe?
Hi Matt,   I've dropped you a pm with regards to my order, please do get back to me once you have time.   Thanks!
Fit wasnt too bad for me OTR. Mine definitely did not crumble and pill after machine wash.   I think it might just well be a case of being unlucky and use of wrong settings for the washing machine?
^ I have one from two seasons ago. Think it was decent enough considering the price point. what was the main gripe that your friend had with it?
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