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you've got pm!  
Ivwri, are you still in berlin?? if you are i have some cool recommendations for you!
    !!! The truth hurts (at least for my wallet)   cant wait to rock WvG more when the weather starts getting warmer here
    Stop putting evil thoughts into my mind!!        
torn as to whether to kop the linen chambray or not! urrghhh....   anyways sno cone today!   sorry for the low quality iphone pic!
rkd, is the seafoam in the same shade as the honeydew oxford from the past??   melon tencel is awesome!!
just got back from a trip to Barcelona and need to get up to speed with the release of the new oxfords and 2 other shirtings!   Hope there is still size left for me for the seafoam!
i feel you Teger!   Folk is awesome and so are some of the lesser known European brands (dun get mention often here) which are real gems as well.   If you need a quick fix for Folk, there are quite a few british webstores that stock it and you can take advantage of the 20% off VAT for shipping outside the EU   Nice fit on the trousers btw!
would be cool if there is loop hole to get a 99% discount!   but jokes aside, I think the new website is alot better than the old one.   but maybe have a filter function? for example to sort for BD or AD or for available sizes   and maybe have the models smile a little? why so serious? heh!
just saw the site, looks good bro!   quick question, will our old login for the site be still valid? or do we have to create a new account on the new site?
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