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      Its a sad sad day...... The match was so painful to watch! City was all over us.... Nani was shite!!   was downing beer like water throughout the match..... was probably mad drunk when i typed the response as it actually 4-5 weeks rather than 2 weeks!   RKD , lets hope city trips up this weekend!    Mauro! Bring back some floral prints!
    Don't worry, it should be stuck in the customs.   Takes about 2 weeks sometimes before it gets delivered to me in Germany.
everyone chill the F*** out!!!   Now where are those suede matthews? :devil:   David has always been reponsive and helpful! Cut him some slack! You guys will not be disappointed!
happy birthday runningfrog!   Enjoy those stunning oxfords! Don't forget to throw on some fit pics when you have time!   Seafoam is my fav but that pinot noir is a close second!
    If you never been to Berghain before, you aint been to Berlin!   that place is rad! though they have really weird entry policy. Guy at the entrance will randomly deny entry to around 50% of the crowd.   If you are in big group chances for you to get in is slim and as well as if you dont speak german and you talk loudly in other languages in the queue.   I have a friend who is in the vip list telling me that basically they only want to admit people who really...
    awesome camo!!   But are the sleeves too long and too baggy for you?
you've got pm!  
Ivwri, are you still in berlin?? if you are i have some cool recommendations for you!
    !!! The truth hurts (at least for my wallet)   cant wait to rock WvG more when the weather starts getting warmer here
    Stop putting evil thoughts into my mind!!        
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