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  yes or nay?
how do they compare to meermin as it seems to be around the same price range
thanks spoo!   great seems like we are very similar in sizing, if you have any awesome shoes to move hit me up!   cant wait for David to open up orders again!
Spoo, what size are you in?
products for fall looks awesome! Perfect timing to have birthday then   does buying 2 totes means i get 60% discount?   in all seriousness, mauro did you manage to get a reply?
  Hey David! I assume you are referring to me right?   Im a US size 10 but I dunno which size should I take in that model, drop me a pm if you see this yea!   Post pics also of the suede matthews when they arrive!
spoo thats fantastic!! Ultra drool worthy!   Think you should change your non de guerre to drool instead of spoo since you always have such great stuffs!   David, I want one of those as well!! Is it only available as a sample as of now?
  Start making WvG shoes!
  If im not mistaken, Bari produced Antonio Cassano, pretty rad player.   What's the bloodline trousers? Is it really tight that once wearing it, will cause balls to rupture and bleed?   Keep em coming!!!
    to be fair i think park was alright, but he was definitely outmuscled by yaya toure, complete mismatch there.....   cant believe we will trying to play long ball for most of the time!   i will be so pissed if city were to win the league......   come on Newcastle!   hope mood can be lighten by some awesome WvG stuffs
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