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nooooo to longer arms for me!! Fits is pretty much perfect for me right now.   but then again majority wins.   For me i will rather add a little length to the shirt length
  +1   and maybe show how many slots are left?
  yes or nay?
Thanks for the photo!   looks like a really nice shirt! Enjoy!
  Haha I reckon as well! the purple collar threw me off   sounds like a really nice shirt! Dont remember seeing that, do you still have the link to it? thanks!
  did you get the one with the purple nehru collar?
how do they compare to meermin as it seems to be around the same price range
thanks spoo!   great seems like we are very similar in sizing, if you have any awesome shoes to move hit me up!   cant wait for David to open up orders again!
Spoo, what size are you in?
products for fall looks awesome! Perfect timing to have birthday then   does buying 2 totes means i get 60% discount?   in all seriousness, mauro did you manage to get a reply?
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