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Voted #235!!!   only 15 more to go!!   All the best mauro, you're a good lad!
finally back after a long trip!   reading through the thread to catch up on things!   You will definitely get my vote Mauro. Will rope in a few others too.
yea!! Would've have been great if you could have joined! Bummer!   indeed! Had a blast with Mauro! Really great host! Saw him play CoD while he was drunk, hahaha!   Lets meet up the next time im in town then!   Mauro! I will send you payment soon! Just got back to Berlin. Thanks once again bro!   anyways, whats a toe holder?
big shout out to Mauro for being such a wonderful and gracious host!   had a smashing and spicy time!   hope you already shook off your hangover and spoilt stomach!   grabbed the cobalt blue and seersucker shirt while i was there and mauro being the great guy he is threw in a nice sweetener as well. thanks bro!!   saw and felt the chino samples. really really impressed with them. too bad they werent my size else would have put them on and try it...
felt like a kid in the candy store today at the manhattan store.   Thanks Matt and Jake for their wonderful service!   Finally nailed down my sizing for the shirts!
I witnessed mauro opening the box that contained the chinos They are on a whole different level man! Simply awesome! Construction and material are simply ace! Nice touch and finish on the zippers too!
WvG suit and bloodline trousers on your birthday month will be boss!   Glad to hear more people are now on board as exclusive tote holders!
aye aye sir!
  Just in,seafoam and le dandy.   Seafoam is immense! Color is really nice and rich and the oxford cloth just feels so soft and buttery. Le dandy is really well constructed and cant wait to wear the shit out of it and see it evolve   Sorry for the crappy iphone pics
nooooo to longer arms for me!! Fits is pretty much perfect for me right now.   but then again majority wins.   For me i will rather add a little length to the shirt length
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