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Yes Spoo! Please commence the next round of Spoolette
Pls proceed to send all of them my way. Kthxbye
^ awesome fit RKD!   Sorry for the crappy iphone pic, here are some of my own for the contest.   Snocone!       Apricot oxford     Aquamarine geometric print
Just to chime in on the whole discourse. I'm also of the view that Mauro should perhaps first focus on building on some of the basics such as tees and button downs and complimented with the occasional capsule and members only special fabric runs and not be distracted by producing accessories at the moment. It's akin to how epaulet eventually became a mainstay as it has established itself as the go to option for trousers before branching out to other products. Similarly,...
Awesome selection!
Just received the lounge pants 2.0 in the mail today. It is freaking awesome! Don't sleep on it! Snag one now before it's too late
*praying hard it does not fit me well*
Guys! Don't sleep on the lodger oxblood wholecut. Amazing shoes at amazing prices! Noticed that it's the Italian line which lodger was carrying before it got discontinued in 2012. Does anyone have a clue on who the Italian maker is?
I've received my single monk plum museum without any hiccups. Only gripe is that I was hit by customs.
So much win in this thread!
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