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snagged the brown houndstooth but missed out on the burgundy hopsack.... gutted....
@luxire not sure if it's a good idea, but perhaps it's worth considering the implemention of a crowd source model for some of the items which you currently offer, e.g. the wonderful bag which you've produced. Such an arrangement could also bring about economies of scale for your operation. On a related note, perhaps you could also consider doing a special run fabric based on the crowd sourcing model as well.
I've paid half of the full amount as deposit for the suit. Seems like the consensus here is to cut loss and move forward as it would take some massive rework to fix the basted fitting.
Thanks guys for all the feedback thus far, will sure I feedback to Moda Republic to see if they can still salvage it. ^ this is my first fitting after choosing the fabric and got measured up so it's more of a basted fitting
Ohh noo.. Does that mean that the suit is so bad that it's beyond rescue?
Xposted from the Hong Kong Tailor Thread,     Would appreciate all the big timers' opinion on the first fitting for my suit made at Moda Republic. I've requested for a notched lapel, double vented, fully canvassed two button suit.   The most obvious problem for me were the trousers, especially at the bunching at the seat/thigh area and have requested for this to be fixed. I've also...
I've decided to take the plunge and give Moda Republic a shot as they have been very responsive over email and were extremely pleasant to work with! As such, after a couple of email exchanges with Chris, I proceeded to drop by at their physical store in Hong Kong during my recent vacation there.   Chris is an extremely affable chap and we had a great time talking through all the nitty gritty details. Chris and his team are extremely professional and I felt really...
Cathay pacific?? I'm hoping it's a consignment from the Armoury! :woot:
^ohhh what shirt are we talking about here?
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