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Epic Quote "We're holding a pair of aces and this asshole is trying to fold"
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Probably for Medellin II. It's hilarious that Billy Walsh still has the Medellin tattoo on his back.
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo We usually get the coconut water and mix it with Johnny Walker black label... makes for a delicious cocktail. we call it Johnny con coco. I'm going to try this tonight.
I'm thinking about buying a used car from a private party (craigslist). It was recommended to me that I get the car inspected by a mechanic/dealership. I've never done this before, so I need some guidance Is the inspection done before the sale or after? Do you draft a contract and make the sale contingent on passing inspection?
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All fruits and vegetables are good for you. Its kind of like this: people got tired of drinking water from faucets, so bottled water was invented. In this case: people don't want to chop their own coconuts, so Vita Coco was invented.
A friend of mine's favorite drink is tequila and I want to pick up a nice bottle for him. I do not feel like going anywhere else besides BevMo and my budget is $150. What would you recommend? Patron is not an option.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Buy an iPod and walk a minimum of 1 hour a day. +1, start off by walking for a few months then as you lose some weight you can begin to jog. Cut out all your junk food. Start out with these: Chicken, eggs, milk, almonds, vegetables, and lots of water. And don't eat fried stuff. so the formula is eating right + exercise = healthier you
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx I would live in Las Vegas. Kind of hellish to live in IMO (its great on vacation), but with California Income Taxes at 10% and no income tax in NV, you save $15-20k a year...and its a SHORT flight to many places like LA, SF, etc...driving to LA and back is like 5 hours...not bad at all to do if you want, get a hotel. you use the money you save in taxes and property costs to travel more. Housing prices are...
I have a dress shirt that I feel is perfectly tapered. If I want to have all of my other shirts tapered to the same specifications, can I give the sample shirt to the tailor along with my other untapered shirts and have them match the sample? Is this possible or do I need to put on all the shirts and have them pin me for each one?
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