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Man, I've been waiting to buy a TOJ, because I've been getting in better shape, and wanted to wait until I was stable, but I'm clearly out of time. I will have to be slightly chubby forever to maintain a perfect fit.
I have them professionally hemmed to fall about an inch and a half bellow where I'd like normal pants to fall, and then cuff them. You might want them a bit longer if you stack.
I just got some shirts from the last Charles Tyrwhitt sale, and they generally fit pretty well everywhere (the collar is a tiny bit looser than I like, but is perfectly acceptable), The one issue I have, is that I can slip my hand out through the cuff without removing the link if I scrunch my hand up.    Is it possible to have a French cuff tailored, or is this going to be a major issue?
  It's way more fun though.
Dressing like Motoko is likely a mistake. Skin tight body-suits rarely work well in spring.
I appreciate the comment. I was leaning towards not doing anything, and that clinches it for me. Thanks.   The waist is a tiny bit loose, but it's not like it doesn't stay up or anything.
  This looks promising. If I order something I'll name you as a referral. 
I scored a basically unworn pair of 3sixteens at a thrift store the other day, and am wondering how workable the fit is. They're size 29, which is one size smaller than my pants size, and one larger than my normal jean size. I'm thinking of having them slimmed down a bit when I have them hemmed if I think my tailor can handle it. Thoughts?             Edit: I can of course take more pictures from other angles if it would be helpful.
I'm looking to buy a nice leather jacket to celebrate graduating college. The problem is that I'm 5'3" and 130 lbs. There are very few jackets in short sizes, and most of those are still too long. Does anyone know of a reasonable company that makes bespoke leather jackets, and if not, is there anyone who makes extra shorts? My budget is around 1k although I would stretch for bespoke.   Styleforum ate my last post, so sorry if this shows up again an hour later.
I'm about 5'3, 130 lbs, and would like to celebrate graduating college by getting a good leather jacket. The problem is that, unlike suit jackets, leather jackets almost never come in short sizes, and those are still usually too long. A coat designed to sit at my waist sits at my crotch. Is there a company that makes good bespoke leather jackets (that aren't insane price wise)? If not, do you know of anyone with extra short sizes?
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