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Latest Suitshop commission, Matt did a great job!       
Did you go for the PJohnson Roma? And if you don't mind me asking how much did it set you back?
Went to brooks brothers today and picked up an Italian merino wool longsleeve navy polo for 97 dollars if anyone is in need of one! Great for winter. This was at David jones Melbourne.
It looks like the cotton fabric used for the pants, in particular the cheaper ones turn out a lot shinier than in the picture. If you wanted to alleviate the shine which cotton fabric would you be looking at maybe a dugdale or the new soft cotton??
If you don't mind me asking where did you get those pants made the fabric is very nice!
Was looking through the P Johnson Tumblr and came across this incredible polo/shirt knit that Patrick is wearing. Any idea if it is a one off or can be made/purchased! It is next level!  
And is it made to measure or off the rack?
Thanks mate! Any idea on the price point?
Have had my eye on those Kamakura knit shirts for a while, but the Pjohnson one is next level! 
This is slightly different to the polo! It is almost like a shirt!  Might need to give them a call! 
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