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43 pairs here, which is not really 'enough', though it's admittedly not driven by necessity. One thing I've learned though - great quality and design and a great fit eventually become more satisfying than quantity and variety.   As far as what you need, there are enough classic colors in your collection so you can branch out into more adventurous stuff that's good for wearing occassionally - navy blues, all different colors of suede (I have some dove grey gibsons...
I hire IT guys in consulting all the time. Here's my personal take on the interview dress "rules":   Regardless of your role and regardless of the fact that workers there may wear shorts and flipflops, the most casual you should ever wear is dress pants, dress shoes, a button-up shirt (not a polo).  And that is OK only when (1) you're invited to not dress up and also (2) you're not in a customer-facing  or management role   Otherwise, sport coat, dress pants,...
I've got a PRL jacket almost like that. Pattern matching on your left sleeve and body/closure of jacket is pretty bad in comparison.
I'm hardly an expert, but I think most original manufacturers will not service a watch they cannot authenticate, and that process doesn't rely on papers.   I once bought a breitling superocean for only a couple hundred $ because of the lack of papers - local dealer said it looked genuine, sent it to Breitling for service - they validated that it was, and that was just included in the cost of the servicing.
The gucci bit-loafers are a classic look, but that doesn't mean they're really all that nice, they are merely decent shoes. Quality is better than stuff like cole haan, j&m. I have a pair (just the bit, no bamboo) - they're comfortable and kind of fashionable looking in that designer/obvious, recognizable brand kind of way. But they are nothing special at all; I didn't and wouldn't pay full retail for them. C&J's are vastly nicer, IMO.
+1 - Myers Park Tailors is the correct answer. The one on S Kings, right over by CMC has done a good job for me.
I've got a lots of them, many are recent buys. Masterpiece/Stuarts Choice is very good. Rose is pretty good - leather is not on par with C&J though. In the Rushden line, I'd have to say that quality is declining overall, but you still can't dismiss the whole lot of them  - there are still very decently nice shoes in that line.   I'm satisfied with the quality of Nobles (uppers could be better, last shape is great but be warned it is quite narrow, sole/welt is pretty...
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