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i don't doubt that at all! i'm just wondering which ones are more decent within an under $5000 price range.
price range? I was hoping for something under $5000.   sorry I wasn't too clear. something along the styles of dior homme, like slim fit, modern. and i'm 2nd year business.  
  I'm new here and also completely clueless about custom-tailoring :S, but I'm also looking for a suit that's less traditional. I'm a 2nd year student and can't spend over $10000HKD on a suit from WW Chan. Any other tailors in HK that would satisfy my request at a lower price range? Thanks!
I like the Harvey as well! But i'm also looking at the Diego, preferably in navy.   Does anyone know where in the Vancouver Area would have a larger selection of Mackage jackets?
I'm looking through their online store and like the styles of their down jackets. Any more information of their quality? And how they fit?
Hello, I'm new here, and still getting to know how this forums works. Thought I'd start by sharing my most recent purchases! But I'm still deciding whether or not to keep them :|. I have another week to decide.
Hello, I'm new here. Thought I'd share my recent purchases :)! However, I'm still deciding whether or not to keep them. I have a week left to decide.
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