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    Hey, I'm in San Francisco too, which club nights have you checked out?  Have you been to the Saturday Soul Nights at Elbo Room?     I
Thanks as always, hopefully I'll have a chance to get down to the DM Store this weekend and check them out.Seen this?
These are full grain leather, right?
The Dr. Marten Langston boot is on sale for $100 (half price) on the USA website, this is a Made In England boot and has gotten the stamp of approval on this thread .  It's available in limited sizes, unfortunately not mine.    
  Picked these up last week, really like the fit, it's slim without being "skinny."   I'm pleasantly surprised that Brooks Brothers would put out something in this cut.  Thanks for the tip   These guys have them.
Honest question, why not those from Scotland?  Also, were there ever Skins in Wales during the early days?   Thanks 
Welcome, looks like you have a great start to your blog and I'm a big fan of your husband's Boot Power comps.  Keep up the good work.    
  No problem, that link reminded me a lot of what you guys posted regarding the wave of 80's skins and the tensions between them and the traditionals.  I'm fascinated by the regional differences in dress, like how Hoxton Tom mentioned that they preferred brogues and loafers over boots.  Which is interesting since boots are such a classic of "skinhead" dress.    It also seems that, despite all of the joking that goes on here, Northern England was a different world as far...
Here's a link to a very interesting article written by Hoxton Tom McCourt that details his way into Skinhead culture and discusses clothing, the mod revival and clashes with 80's skinheads
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