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 You're probably looking for Undercover 
 Had one of these - they fit one or two sizes big. The medium that I had was almost 23" P2P, 18" S2S. Medium/48 will likely be good for you
Long shot, but looking to buy a pair of NDG paratrooper pants to fit size 30 (any colourway). Any leads would be very welcome. 
^ listen to Charly (unless your intention is a skintight jacket). The TOJ0 fits slimmer than the measurements suggest. I have similar (slightly larger) measurements than you but the 46 that I owned was at least 1 size too small.
 Only if you're Drew..  
What's wrong with the fit pictures on Suspension Point? Those are about as detailed as you can get. No idea about the sleeves, I have the ribbed sleeve version and I just cuff them up (or let them stack). Some overall comments: I would say it fits TTS; quite slim through the chest and body and wide at the shoulders. FWIW I think Joseph has one of those blazers for himself (quilted sleeve version). Pretty cool piece. 
 Yeah that's not right, if the grain wasn't naturally there to begin with, it's not going to age to look like this. It depends on the batch of leather than the jacket was made with. 
 Don't really understand the aversion to the back pouches on these things, especially this BBS one.. The backpack adds functionality and really doesn't look that bad - without it, it'd be some kind of strange harness with awkward hand pockets? That said, I don't like the ones with the backpacks in the post above. 
Common Projects 'Officer' Combat Boots (Black, Size 41)   Bought these from gettoasty a while ago but they are too large for me. These were originally brown but professionally dyed black. There are no traces of the original brown colour, and the black dye was applied perfectly. Features a side zip that runs along the shaft of the boot, and crepe soles. The condition is pristine (minimal toebox creasing, no sole wear).    These are marked CP41 but should fit sizes...
 Need a lot of forearm and wrist strength (and other techiques like shoulder rolling/pressing) to properly arm wrestle. Sheer muscle mass/strength from conventional bodybuilding is not going to get you very far. Cool video of pro arm wrestler vs. bodybuilder: 
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