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please send me a private message - I will help you. Damian
@Concordia I recommend you to ask for help somebody from Polish But w Butonierce forum   Best Damian
Autumn & crocodile shoes crafted by Tadeusz Januszkiewicz
As to puncture holes-this is technical issue. In this place the leather was fixed to the last. Similar holes I have on my demi-chasse Westons.
Hi, As to the prices - mainly because of high demand If somebody is looking for help when placing order at Januszkiewicz - asking for assistance at But w Butonierce forum, may be good solution
100% ostrich wallet  
reasonable offer is MORESCHI Last summer in Milano I saw 100% crocodile or alligator model priced about 900 EUR. I saw this in company store at Linate Airport.
Hermes always means quality ;)  100% alligator wallet are rarities (of course depends on brand, no-name from Thailand are not). And the price is incredibly high.Even very well known brands offer alli/croco wallets lined with some classic leather rather than exotic one. I wish I was wrong :)  but classic leather inside of wallet means that it is not only cheaper (relatively) but thiner and more pliable. For example, very nice...
As I wrote before, ring lizard is the common name, not scientific. So it is probably hard to find official source :)   but, please see here:   BTW - some shop sellers confuse lizard with iguana. I guess that IGUANA sounds better than lizard :)
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