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Looking to trade my black lamb ma-1 that is about a month old for a double rider in black. It is a size 52 with some extra sleeve length.
Unglazed dark grey goat 4-zip moto arrived today. The leather is absolutely amazing, feels really different to the lamb more abrasion resistant but quite a bit lighter. The unglazed goat still has a little bit of sheen to it so it makes me wonder quite how shiny the goat is in person. Shipping was insanely fast, arrived in 3 days to the UK. Will try and get pics up later.
Got tracking for a 4-zip dark grey unglazed goat moto yesterday, I will post pics when it arrives.
I would say length is not necessarily just about height, proportions also come into play. If you have a long torso and short legs you might need some extra length even if you aren't that tall. If you just measure some jackets you like the length of in a similar style it should be pretty easy to get the body length right. Sleeve length is a bit harder but with ribbed cuff jackets I would always go a bit longer if you are unsure as they stack up very easily.
Drew told me that changing the leather type would not increase the wait time, so that's probably why you received tracking so quick.
Anyone have any experience with the wool leisure trousers? I am a 35~36" waist and I have ordered a large rather than XL because they look like a pretty relaxed fit.
Guidi, really good price. Will be practically broke if I buy them.
If you are planning on wearing the jacket undone the TOJ is the clear winner. I don't really like the buttons on the Siki.
I assume unglazed goat is pretty waterproof as drew was originally planning to put it on the backpacks. Also the lamb is pretty durable when compared to most other lamb jackets, but compared to calf and goat it scuffs and scratches very easily. The cuffs of lamb jackets get worn especially quickly.
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