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I always pick up shoes that are of value. You need to look at the soles to make sure they aren't shot, but for the most part some conditioner edge dressing and some polishing can really make a difference. If the soles are shot or there are major defects just leave them, most people don't want a project. Yesterday I picked up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds Cliftons that will get some conditioner over the next couple of weeks and polished up they will look great.
I have been stockpiling Sorels through the summer to sell in the winter. I buy them new or near new only made in Canada.
Goog indicates Loake.
Bump, just to see if anyone has any ideas on the maker. Thanks,
Jodphur Boots. The British Isles Collection. Made in England. Who is the maker???
Found this sweet pair of boots. Now off to the label I.D. thread to see made them.
Dudes, I appreciate your input. I think timing is everything and I should come out alright on it in the fall/winter. I have a stockpile of tweeds and heavy flannel pants that I have been sitting on for months just waiting for the right season to roll around. I also have seersuckers and spectators that I will be sitting on until April. How does Zegna 15 mil 15 do?? I think it does pretty good all the time
I think I will do just fine on it. It's a button. If I have to I can change all the buttons for a few bucks.
Pendleton coat 38 missing 1 button.
^^^^^^ Those Evergreen boots look like AE to me. Evergreen is a brand within Nordstrom and Nordy's seems to do a lot of work with Allen Edmonds. Nice find.
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