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Florian, What part of PQ are you in? I lived up there for a couple of years back in the late nineties. I would attempt to rap with you guys in Quebcois but my abilities in the French language are long gone.
This is cheaney right?
I just used a little water and a light once over with a suede eraser. I wish I could find some my size. I hope you dont mind my ethrifting and flipping. I see an under valued auction and I pounce.
Anyone recognize this brand?
^^^^ Those soles look like replacements. Vero cuero just means real leather.
I know some you guys have hounds. If anyone is interested in the belt that features a hound of some sort get at me. Available for cost plus shipping. Size 34
You guys are killing it lately. I still can't get over Spoo's Valextra Pachaderm.
Does anyone recognize this heel? Made in England.
I am pretty sure this is just a souvenir from someones trip to Japan. It is pretty cool and will be good for Halloween or something. If I could learn to do hand rolled edges I could chop it up and make some squares for the masses.
So I posted a pimp smoking jacket yesterday. I forgot to post this Japanese robe that I also found. Size EU 56 and NWOT. Also found this tiny Borrelli spread collar shirt.
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