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I think I will do just fine on it. It's a button. If I have to I can change all the buttons for a few bucks.
Pendleton coat 38 missing 1 button.
^^^^^^ Those Evergreen boots look like AE to me. Evergreen is a brand within Nordstrom and Nordy's seems to do a lot of work with Allen Edmonds. Nice find.
Is this the quoddy i am looking for?
Trying to identify this pair of shoes. Looks to have been re-soled but I am not sure. Not even a size listed that I can see. reads 2C2 / 035 926
Those AE are a Nordstrom Model from years ago. I have the same model on my feet right now. There isn't a name inside but I was told at onetime that they are the pre-cursor to the Clifton. Nice find for someone. I picked up a Rubinacci blazer and nice Harris Tweed by St Michael. Anyone have experience with St Michael?
Mind esplode on those Lobbs. Great finds.
Found Versace 4X2 pinstripe jacket riddled with moth holes. Are Versace buttons worth harvesting? Also found this pair of NWT NIB Gucci heels size 10B for $150 Worth the kopp?
Eddievddr just bought a Brooks Brothers retail store. If you are getting the pants for all these this could be the greatest reunion of orphans on this thread. Dibs on the 46xl.
^^^^^^ Why did you put that Kiton in the garbage pile???
New Posts  All Forums: