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Pretty sure they aren't Allen Edmonds. I think they are from one of the handsewn operations up in Maine or close by but not sure which one.
Any idea on the maker of these. Ralph Lauren Polo Country. Made in USA. I was hoping Rancourt but thinking probably Hamilton or someone else.
^^^^^ Gieves & Hawkes?
What size is that? They don't sell for shit. Send it me.
Brooks Brothers Made in Italy belt. NA my size. Looks just like the alligator belt on website but isn't indicated on the belt. Real Gator or Print?
Florian, What part of PQ are you in? I lived up there for a couple of years back in the late nineties. I would attempt to rap with you guys in Quebcois but my abilities in the French language are long gone.
This is cheaney right?
I just used a little water and a light once over with a suede eraser. I wish I could find some my size. I hope you dont mind my ethrifting and flipping. I see an under valued auction and I pounce.
Anyone recognize this brand?
^^^^ Those soles look like replacements. Vero cuero just means real leather.
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