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I picked up this pair of Polo RL trousers made in Italy with back adjuster and buttons for braces on the outside. Also has this embroidery on the front waistband. Any idea if about this line? Never seen this before. 36X30 available
Any hipsters into Pendleton high quality western wear?
I may be late to the party but I think this is Huntsman Cancer or one of the local medical companies.
Just some shoes from the past couple of weeks. I wear 12D and all I got is these. L->R Florsheim shell long wings 9.5C, Magnanni 7D, AE Glasgow without the tassels that I need to put on 11D, Brooks Bros. unlined shell 10D with some issues and some RL Darltons cigar shell 9.5D
I have started adding "unicorn" to my Zanella finds. So far so good.
I found a couple of things today. Not pictured is the RL Polo OCBD for my 6 year that thinks my ties are now "our" ties. There was a another RL Polo contrast cutaway collar with french cuffs that I may pick up for him. Size 6T it was a pretty crazy shirt for a 6 yo. If any of you bankers want your kid decked out get at me. Barbour Tattersal Shirt XL available 5 Nail 93605 size 9.5 C untouched but need some Saphir before becoming available.
Some great finds from you guys lately. I am encouraged that the thrifts will be good to me over the next couple of weeks because all the Halloween costume hunters are gone and the ugly Christmas sweater hunters wont be out for a couple of weeks. Picked up this pair of Brunello Cucinelli flat fron khakis. 36X 33.5 available
I found this Orvis wool coat size XL IRL it is bright red, cool horn buttons. If someone wants me to kop let me know via PM. Savers wants $20 for it. Also found 3 pair of Allen Edmonds size 7.5D if anyone is interested.
I found this Hamilton Watch I have not purchase because they want quite a bit. Just wondering if any of you guys have knowlege of Hamilton and what a good price is. They are asking $299 at the thrift. It does have the box and paperwork to go with it. I am assuming that it is authentic. Sorry for the crappy pics. Is it worth picking up?
Hopefully the cart kicker wont kick that one. ^^^^
New Posts  All Forums: