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Do any of you guys have a good source for replacement laces? or do any of you sell them?
I can't even get my laptop to login. Phone app says that my session expired and I can't get logged back in. Hopefully the roll out will be finished before too long.
Is anyone having problems with ebay this morning? More that usual I mean. Log in Errors, weird feedback ratings etc.
Nice chairs.^^^^ Spoo spitting thrift lyrics like it's nothing. No wonder he drives the rari, probably selling those rhymes on ebay too. I must say that I loved that he used "staight outt Compton" that was my first introduction to gangsta rap and whenever I see eazye that the first thing that comes to mind. Some nice finds for me lately. Red Wing 875 NWOT 3 pairs FootJoy classic golf shoes. If you aren't picking these up you should be. RT Protocol dress shirt
Any idea of the maker? Dsquared Made in Italy.
^^^^I have sold items that NWOT defect, the defect being that they have been altered. Never had a problem with it but I haven't listed too many items that way.
Dudes, I am travelling to San Fran in a week or so. Can anyone tell me which thrifts have all the Brioni and Tom Ford there? J/K J/K I got google fu to help me find those spots. Any suggestions for must see places to vistit or places to eat?
^^^^ That is an awesome jacket. The buttons look like they could be some type of horn or antler.
Vintage jersey.
@briancpotter you can add my eBay user 92eldo always looking for more traffic.
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