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Been had me some more Filson. Also found some JCrew blackwatch trousers not pictured.
Really the quality of the silk and print all say real. I also found one similar that someone posted in the purse forum from a couple of years ago. The other end.
I am pretty sure this is real but I will just put it out there. Coolest thing I have found in the last couple of weeks.
Sheaffer 1500 lifetime pen from approximately 1944. Good condition just need to figure out how fill it and get it back in service.
I been had some filson today as well. Double Mackinaw jacket, Mackinaw wool cap and tin-cloth wildfowl cap.
I just got Rick Rolled @mr.moo
Do any of you guys have a good source for replacement laces? or do any of you sell them?
I can't even get my laptop to login. Phone app says that my session expired and I can't get logged back in. Hopefully the roll out will be finished before too long.
Is anyone having problems with ebay this morning? More that usual I mean. Log in Errors, weird feedback ratings etc.
Nice chairs.^^^^ Spoo spitting thrift lyrics like it's nothing. No wonder he drives the rari, probably selling those rhymes on ebay too. I must say that I loved that he used "staight outt Compton" that was my first introduction to gangsta rap and whenever I see eazye that the first thing that comes to mind. Some nice finds for me lately. Red Wing 875 NWOT 3 pairs FootJoy classic golf shoes. If you aren't picking these up you should be. RT Protocol dress shirt
New Posts  All Forums: