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Nat, is this something?
This past weekend I went to an auction and purchased a few things. My 2nd & 3rd Hermes Items and my first Louis Vuitton. They didn't have much clothing wise but tons of jewelry and watches. Passed on some RLPL ties NWT for $100 each.
Spoo, real deal or strippers tits?
Bump for this info on this pair. Crockett Jones???
Also this one.
Cole Haan Benchmade in England. Who is the maker??
Ian are still on the lookout? AE 11.5D
Couple of finds from the last week or so. Brioni Sport Coat 44L Lambourne Made in England Hacking Tweed 48R [IMG Brioni Flannel Suit SOOO NICE but SOOOO Small. 36R
Thanks for all the help.
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