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So there's this that I gound. Ll bean buffalo check made in usa. NA
If you are so inclined and the buttons are the right size remove or grind the back part down and get some cufflink backs, super glue or epoxy and you will have some Brioni cufflinks. I did this with a pair of Versace medusa head buttons and they look great.
These are Cheaney right?
Anyone want? 30x34
Anyone know tis vintage Burberry?
^^^^ That sole looks a lot like some used on Crockett Jones for Polo. Inside markings will help a lot. Nice looking boots either way.
I have found and sold some that say Bench Made in England that have the same writing inside as Cheaney but the heel pattern and details are the same as my Crockett & Jones. So my conclusion was that they were farmed out to Cheaney by Crockett & Jones.Have any pics?
Some of my finds from the last couple of days. Very nice Pendleton Black watch tartan Size L available Varvatos Made in Italy Charcoal long sleeve available. Orvis wool vest Available.
its a womens jacket size 2 if anyone is interested let me know and I can go back and get it.
does anyone recognize this brand?
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