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^^^^I have sold items that NWOT defect, the defect being that they have been altered. Never had a problem with it but I haven't listed too many items that way.
Dudes, I am travelling to San Fran in a week or so. Can anyone tell me which thrifts have all the Brioni and Tom Ford there? J/K J/K I got google fu to help me find those spots. Any suggestions for must see places to vistit or places to eat?
^^^^ That is an awesome jacket. The buttons look like they could be some type of horn or antler.
Vintage jersey.
@briancpotter you can add my eBay user 92eldo always looking for more traffic.
Pretty sure they aren't Allen Edmonds. I think they are from one of the handsewn operations up in Maine or close by but not sure which one.
Any idea on the maker of these. Ralph Lauren Polo Country. Made in USA. I was hoping Rancourt but thinking probably Hamilton or someone else.
^^^^^ Gieves & Hawkes?
What size is that? They don't sell for shit. Send it me.
Brooks Brothers Made in Italy belt. NA my size. Looks just like the alligator belt on website but isn't indicated on the belt. Real Gator or Print?
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