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Some of what I have thrifted over the last week and what I bought on local classified ad. You guys in the big city can find Kiton and I can find hand guns out west. Talbott, Talbot Seven Fold, Trafalgar and Brooks Braces and Taurus Judge 45/410 (so fun to shoot BTW). Crazy Etro Shirt, RG Skeet and BB Luxury Slim Fit.
No thrift finds this weekend. I did manage to make these cufflinks from thrifted Versace buttons. Going make more when I can. This pair got a little chewed up from not having the right tools. Keep an eye out for larger Versace buttons if you don't mind.
Schott @ $30 ??????
^^^^ 2nd pair is definitely Crockett &n Jones. Does anyone recognize this tag??? Orphaned pair of POW flat front pants. Definitely from a suit. Made in USA.
Found a couple of nice sets of Trafalgar braces. And the tiniest pair of Crockett and Jones for Polo Ralph Lauren shoes that I've ever seen size 6 b. Not sure if these are womens or kids shoes.
Found some great things today. Brioni Suit. Thing is tiny. EZ Sport Coat Paul Stuart Tie for the trads out there.
^^^^ Those are indeed Shell cordovan. 93605 number indicates shell on this pair. Heels replaced.
Found this crazy Etro shirt. double button collar and super thick buttons. Not pictured are some Ferragamo cap toes that need to be cleaned up.
You are correct. I guess I should have been more clear. If it's AE or some other "lower level" stuff I pass if the soles are trashed. Shell cordovan is always an exception. I have picked up Edward Greens that the soles were worn all the way through and have had good luck with them on the secondary market. Alden seem to always be worth the pick up unless they are just spent beyond repair.
StevenK I wear 46Xl as well so I don't buy it all up
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