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Took me a while but here are some additional pics:
Smoking jacket with pockets still sewn shut.
Brooks Brothers Made in England. I was hoping Edward Green but I dont think so. Any ideas?
Found some decent ties today. Pendleton x 2, Burberry's wool & cashmere, Hermes.
It was a great day of thrifting here in the mountains. Started the day off doing some work for a rock star in Park City. Hit up 5 thrifts and ended with an EZ su mesura suit, Brioni sport coat, shell tassel loafers, BB POW made in italy slacks (part of a suit that I need to go back for), BB Black fleece OCBD, BB yacht flag belt, RL black label seersucker pants. Picked up 2 BB made in Italy Lardini suits the other day to boot. T'was a good day.
So there's this that I gound. Ll bean buffalo check made in usa. NA
If you are so inclined and the buttons are the right size remove or grind the back part down and get some cufflink backs, super glue or epoxy and you will have some Brioni cufflinks. I did this with a pair of Versace medusa head buttons and they look great.
These are Cheaney right?
Anyone want? 30x34
Anyone know tis vintage Burberry?
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