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Here's a Ferrari under 20k.
I thinks they are both on the 202 Last. Sizing is most likely EU sizing.
Anyone recognize the maker. Made in England riding boots.
Lots of great finds lately. I haven't found any sherling coats like some of you but did manage some meager pick ups. Ghurka Examiner near mint. NA RLPolo Lizard Belt with Sterling buckle Brioni Cashmere Nardelli Sport Coat VBC Fabric patch pockets and suede patches NWOT Ruff & Hewn Prada Suede I left way too many Armani's in my size 46L just cuz I didn't care for the cut of suits. Oh well maybe someone else will like them.
I am wearing one right now and can confirm 44 XLG is extra long. Details & dibs if available.
I found this last week. The thing weighs a ton. N/A already listed Been had me some Cable Car & Burberry And these Made in USA from the GAP.
^^^^ Too funny. Can anyone confirm Crockett Jones?
Congrats to Wes, Spoo and the Thrifty Gent on the article. It was a good quick and dirty summary of thrifting.
Faconnable Made in Italy. Who is the maker? Caruso?
Hey thrift Bros. Can I make a simple plea to all of you involved in the thrift exchange. Please take a look at your profile an update your sizes so that goods can be thrifted on your behalf. I only say that because the person for whom I am going to be sending goods doesn't have anything listed.
New Posts  All Forums: