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Cole Haan Benchmade in England. Who is the maker??
Ian are still on the lookout? AE 11.5D
Couple of finds from the last week or so. Brioni Sport Coat 44L Lambourne Made in England Hacking Tweed 48R [IMG Brioni Flannel Suit SOOO NICE but SOOOO Small. 36R
Thanks for all the help.
Does Alden make all Footjoy classics? or just this pair? Just curious.
Trousers by Faconnable Made in Portugal. This is Zegna right?
Some of what I have thrifted over the last week and what I bought on local classified ad. You guys in the big city can find Kiton and I can find hand guns out west. Talbott, Talbot Seven Fold, Trafalgar and Brooks Braces and Taurus Judge 45/410 (so fun to shoot BTW). Crazy Etro Shirt, RG Skeet and BB Luxury Slim Fit.
No thrift finds this weekend. I did manage to make these cufflinks from thrifted Versace buttons. Going make more when I can. This pair got a little chewed up from not having the right tools. Keep an eye out for larger Versace buttons if you don't mind.
Schott @ $30 ??????
^^^^ 2nd pair is definitely Crockett &n Jones. Does anyone recognize this tag??? Orphaned pair of POW flat front pants. Definitely from a suit. Made in USA.
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