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Burberry New With Tags Flat Front Flannel. Size 5 kids? Had to kop for the little one.
YES. ^^^^^ Crockett Jones
Thrifted a table saw last week. Started this built-in over new years, coming along nicely.
I was bidding on those too. ^^^^^^^ So mad you beat me out.
SECRET SANTA THRIFT EXCHANGE 2013Shout out to my Secret Santa from Andover MN. Thanks for the great stuff. The Jacket is a bit snug but very nice and will work just fine. [[SPOILER]]
Here are a couple of my finds from the last week or so. Taylor Stitch New with defects Size 38 top 2 buttons have come off. NA Lee Storm Rider 40L New Balance 993 14D New Allen Edmonds Croc Print belt 36 Canali Shirt 16 Available RG Skeet
My Secret Santa arrived last week. What the protocol? Open it now or wait until the big day?
I would take a 46 L Hickey Freeman all day long. That's my size I'll pay for the shipping as well.
Anyone know the maker? Polo ralph lauren made in usa.
Any of you Levi's guys know what this is??? Thrifted for 10 bones. Long chore coat, Orange Tag, Made in USA back of the button says 645
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