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So I posted a pimp smoking jacket yesterday. I forgot to post this Japanese robe that I also found. Size EU 56 and NWOT. Also found this tiny Borrelli spread collar shirt.
What would you call this? Robe/Smoking Jacket?
Anyone know who makes this. Hugo boss made in usa.
Size is 11 D/B combination sizing like Alden, J&M, Hanover. This pair is very nicely made.
Here's another pair. Mark Shale looks lik AE script with Johnston & Murphy heel. 270 welt.
Took me a while but here are some additional pics:
Smoking jacket with pockets still sewn shut.
Brooks Brothers Made in England. I was hoping Edward Green but I dont think so. Any ideas?
Found some decent ties today. Pendleton x 2, Burberry's wool & cashmere, Hermes.
It was a great day of thrifting here in the mountains. Started the day off doing some work for a rock star in Park City. Hit up 5 thrifts and ended with an EZ su mesura suit, Brioni sport coat, shell tassel loafers, BB POW made in italy slacks (part of a suit that I need to go back for), BB Black fleece OCBD, BB yacht flag belt, RL black label seersucker pants. Picked up 2 BB made in Italy Lardini suits the other day to boot. T'was a good day.
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