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Florsheim imperial. does anyone recognize the skin?
Triple pleats? Pfft I don't care.
Damn that jompso can type.
Anyone recognize this label? Made in England. Heels replaced so that doesn't help. [IMG][IMG][IMG]
I think it has been said before but damn that jompso can type.
Please tell me these horses were in the 801. It will give me hope to keep at it.
I have those initials. What have you got for me?
I guess I should have clarified that it's the original T&A. I thought someone might think they were Turnbull & Asser. Not sure where we are at on the nip count for the new thread.
Some pretty decent finds of late. I don't post much but I am an everyday lurker and thrifter. The itch, I has it. Prada Wallet for the Ladies Cartier Silk Festina Jersey AE Tie PF Sartorial 7 fold VV Romney Lands End Knit Tumi for Delta Trafalgar Croc? JPress Anniversary belt Braces T&A Watch for these if you ever find them. The cases alone are worth money. Colt Gun Case
Picked up a great pair of shoes yesterday. Otsuka for Isetan. Seems to be a Japanese rtw line. Very nice quality. Anyone size 6.5 get at me. Pardon the potato pics.
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